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Is Charlotte good in Genshin Impact?

Charlotte is a playable 4-star female Cryo Catalyst character from Fontaine Region in Genshin Impact.

The release date of Genshin Impact Charlotte was November 8, 2023, in Version 4.2. This ultimate guide introduces everything about Charlotte: birthday, builds, voice actors (English and other three languages), how to get Charlotte, ascension materials, talents and skills, constellations (from C1 to C6), the best team combo for Charlotte, weapons, and artifacts.

Genshin Impact Charlotte Leaks

Genshin Impact Charlotte Information


4 Star


Medium female


April 10th


Hualina Veritas




The Steambird

Special Dish

Exclusive Scoop: Gourmet Column

Release Date

November 8th, 2023

Genshin Impact Charlotte Voice Actor


Maya Aoki Tuttle


Ruan Congqing (阮从青)


Waki Azumi (和氣あず未)


Shin On-yu (신온유)

How to Get Charlotte in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Charlotte is a new character released in version 4.2 in November 2023. The only way to get it is via wish events. And there are two available Event Wish to get Charlotte in Genshin Impact:

1st: Chanson of Many Waters from November 08, 2023 to November 28, 2023;

Players can get other characters in this Event Wish: Furina, Collei, and Beidou.

2nd: Immaculate Pulse November 08, 2023 to November 28, 2023.

Players can get other characters in this Event Wish: Baizhu, Collei, and Beidou.

Genshin Impact Charlotte Build

Genshin Impact Charlotte Ascension Materials


  • Shivada Jade Sliver ×1
  • Meshing Gear ×3
  • Beryl Conch ×3
  • Mora x 20000


  • Shivada Jade Fragment ×3
  • Meshing Gear ×15
  • Beryl Conch ×10
  • Tourbillon Device ×2
  • Mora x 40000


  • Shivada Jade Fragment ×6
  • Mechanical Spur Gear ×12
  • Beryl Conch ×20
  • Tourbillon Device ×4
  • Mora x 60000


  • Shivada Jade Chunk ×3
  • Mechanical Spur Gear ×18
  • Beryl Conch ×30
  • Tourbillon Device ×8
  • Mora x 80000


  • Shivada Jade Chunk ×6
  • Artificed Dynamic Gear ×12
  • Beryl Conch ×45
  • Tourbillon Device ×12
  • Mora x 100000


  • Shivada Jade Gemstone ×6
  • Artificed Dynamic Gear ×24
  • Beryl Conch ×60
  • Tourbillon Device ×20
  • Mora x 120000

Genshin Impact Charlotte​ Talents (Skills)

Cool-Color Capture

Cool-Color Capture

Normal Attack

Normal Attack

Taking aim at targets using Monsieur Verite, her custom Kamera, Charlotte performs up to 3 consecutive attacks, dealing Cryo DMG.

Charged Attack

Consumes a fixed amount of Stamina, and after a moment’s preparation, will deploy Monsieur Verite to deal AoE Cryo DMG.

Plunging Attack

Gathering the power of Cryo, Charlotte plunges toward the ground, dealing DMG to all opponents in her path and dealing AoE Cryo DMG upon landing.

Arkhe: Pneuma

At certain intervals, upon using a Charged Attack, Charlotte will cause a Spiritbreath Thorn to descend and pierce opponents, dealing Pneuma-aligned AoE Cryo DMG.

Framing: Freezing Point Composition

Framing: Freezing Point Composition

Elemental Skill

Using the keen instincts of an ace reporter, Charlotte uses her photography skills to produce different effects based on whether the ability is Tapped or Held.


Takes a snapshot using Monsieur Verite, dealing AoE Cryo DMG to opponents in front of her and applying Snappy Silhouette to a maximum of 5 opponents. During this effect’s duration, it will deal Cryo DMG to affected opponents at intervals.


Popping Monsieur Verite’s viewfinder open, Charlotte enters Composition Mode, and during this time, the viewfinder will expand as you hold until you reach a Finisher Frame state. In this state, Charlotte can move and change direction freely.
When the hold state ends, Monsieur Verite will deal Cryo DMG to all opponents locked on within the viewfinder, and apply the same Snappy Silhouette as Tap Mode does to them. If you unleash this ability only after reaching Finisher Frame, you will instead apply Focused Impression, which lasts longer and deals more DMG, although the Skill CD will be longer.
Composition Mode lasts a maximum of 15s and allows a maximum of 5 opponents to be selected.

Still Photo: Comprehensive Confirmation

Still Photo: Comprehensive Confirmation

Elemental Burst

Condensing ice to create The Steambird’s signature, Charlotte creates a Newsflash Field that will deal AoE Cryo DMG and restores HP for all nearby party members based on Charlotte’s ATK.

Newsflash Field

  • While the ability is active, Monsieur Verite will deal Cryo DMG at intervals to opponents within its AoE.
  • Will continuously restore HP to active character(s) within its AoE based on Charlotte’s ATK.
Moment of Impact

Moment of Impact

1st Ascension Passive

When opponents marked by “Focused Impression” are defeated, Framing: Freezing Point Composition’s CD will be decreased by 2s. This CD decrease can be triggered 4 times every 12s.

Diversified Investigation

Diversified Investigation

4th Ascension Passive

When the party contains 1/2/3 Fontainians other than herself, Charlotte gains a 5%/10%/15% Healing Bonus. When the party contains 1/2/3 non-Fontainians, Charlotte gains a 5%/10%/15% Cryo DMG Bonus.

First-Person Shutter

First-Person Shutter

Utility Passive

After activating the Special Analysis Zoom Lens, Charlotte’s “Framing: Freezing Point Composition” Hold Mode cannot trigger its original effects, but instead enables her to take photos in a rather unique manner…

Genshin Impact Charlotte Constellations from C1 to C6

A Need to Verify Facts

A Need to Verify Facts

Constellation level 1

After Still Photo: Comprehensive Confirmation heals a character, it will mark them with Verification, which will heal them once every 2s for 80% of Charlotte’s ATK. This effect lasts 6s.

A Duty to Pursue Truth

A Duty to Pursue Truth

Constellation level 2

When using Framing: Freezing Point Composition, when Monsieur Verite hits 1/2/3 (or more) opponents, Charlotte’s own ATK will be increased by 10%/20%/30% for 12s.

An Imperative to Independence

An Imperative to Independence

Constellation level 3

Increases the Level of Still Photo: Comprehensive Confirmation by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.

A Responsibility to Oversee

A Responsibility to Oversee

Constellation level 4

When Still Photo: Comprehensive Confirmation hits an opponent marked by Snappy Silhouette or Focused Impression, it will deal 10% more DMG and restore 2 Energy to Charlotte. This restoration can be triggered 5 times every 20s.

A Principle of Conscience

A Principle of Conscience

Constellation level 5

Increases the Level of Framing: Freezing Point Composition by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.

A Summation of Interest

A Summation of Interest

Constellation level 6

When the active character’s Normal and Charged Attacks hit an opponent marked by Framing: Freezing Point Composition’s Focused Impression, Monsieur Verite will initiate a coordinated attack that deals 180% of Charlotte’s ATK as AoE Cryo DMG and heals active character(s) within the AoE for 42% of Charlotte’s ATK.

This effect can be triggered once every 6s and both DMG and healing dealt in this way will be considered as having been done by Charlotte’s Elemental Burst.

Genshin Impact Charlotte​ Team Combo

Genshin Impact Charlotte can teammate with a few characters. She fits into plenty of pre-established cores like Hyperbloom and Xiangling teams, which you probably have prepared on your account anyways. 

The strategy is simple: Gather a mix of Hydro, Cryo, and one Anemo character. Your DPS should capitalize on either Cryo Resonance (more CRIT Rate) or Hydro Resonance (more HP). 

Genshin Impact Charlotte


Charlotte will stay in the backline and provide healing while your Anemo character reduces Cryo/Hydro resistances on enemies.


A Fontainian on-field DPS who benefits from Freeze teams, due to immobilized enemies allowing Neuvillette to not require a shielder to keep his powerful attacks from being interrupted.


Furina consumes the HP of her party in order to offer some buffs and healing, and Charlotte could help compensate for the HP drain of the party. Furina is highly likely to be paired with Neuvillette.


Sucrose shares a portion of her Elemental Mastery with the team, wield Catalysts known for their support functions, and apply Anemo and Swirl with Normal Attacks. She offers crowd control and energy generation ontop of decent driving capabilities.

Genshin Impact Charlotte​ Weapon

The best weapons for Genshin Impact Charlotte should give her the most Energy Recharge, energy particle generation, or healing. Till December 2023, there are really only two viable options for Charlotte: Favonius Codex and Prototype Amber. Both are 4-star weapons.

Favonius Codex

Favonius Codex

Base ATK 510 | ER: 45.9%


CRIT hits have a 60~100% chance to generate a small amount of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the character. Can only occur once every 12~6s.

Prototype Amber

Prototype Amber

Base ATK 510 | CRIT DMG: 41.3%


Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 4~6 Energy every 2s for 6s. All party members will regenerate 4~6% HP every 2s for this duration.

Genshin Impact Charlotte​ Artifact Sets

  • Sands – ER% (or ATK%, but stick to ER)
  • Goblet – ATK% (more healing)
  • Circlet – Healing Bonus or ATK%

There are three main viable artifact sets for Genshin Impact Charlotte. 4pc Ocean-Hued Clam benefits Charlotte’s healing while also allowing her to deal damage through her healing.

Otherwise, Noblesse Oblige and Tenacity of the Millelith 4pc sets are both great support options for enhancing your team’s damage. Just don’t have multiple characters with Noblesse or Tenacity in the team – they don’t stack!

Ocean-Hued Clam

Ocean-Hued Clam

  •  2-piece effect: Cryo DMG Bonus +15%.
  • 4-piece effect: When a character attacks an enemy affected by Cryo, their CRIT Rate is increased by 20%. If the enemy is Frozen, CRIT Rate is increased by an additional 20%.
Tenacity of the Millelith

Tenacity of the Millelith

  •  2-piece effect: Increases HP by 20%.
  • 4-piece effect: When an Elemental Skill hits an opponent, the ATK of all nearby party members is increased by 20% and their Shield Strength is increased by 30% for 3s. This effect can be triggered once every 0.5s. This effect can still be triggered even when the character who is using this artifact set is not on the field.
Noblesse Oblige​

Noblesse Oblige

  •  2-piece effect: Elemental Burst DMG +20%.
  • 4-piece effect: Using an Elemental Burst increases all party members’ ATK by 20% for 12s. This effect cannot stack.

Genshin Impact Playable Characters Lists

Genshin Impact Platforms

Right now, Genshin Impact is free to download and play on various platforms including PC, iOS, Android, and PlayStation 4 and 5.

The cross-platform save and play is also supported. 

The Nintendo Switch version is still under development with a tailer video released.

It’s not available for playing on other computer or console platforms, such as Mac, Steam, or Xbox.

Google Play

App Store


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