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Is Mika good in Genshin Impact?

Mika is a playable 4-star male Cryo Plearm character from Mondstadt Region in Genshin Impact.

The release date of Genshin Impact Mika was March 21, 2023, in Version 3.5. This ultimate guide introduces everything about Mika: birthday, builds, voice actors (English and other three languages), how to get Mika, ascension materials, talents and skills, constellations (from C1 to C6), the best team combo for Mika, weapons, and artifacts.

Genshin Impact Mika Leaks

Genshin Impact Mika Information


4 Star


Medium male


August 11th






Knights of Favonius

Special Dish

Surveyor’s Breakfast Sandwich

Release Date

March 21, 2023

Genshin Impact Mika Voice Actor


Robb Moreira


Deng Youxi (邓宥希)


Sanpei Yūko (三瓶由布子)


Yoon Eun-seo (윤은서)

How to Get Mika in Genshin Impact

Till 2023 October, there have been four wish events to get Mika in Genshin Impact:

1st: The Transcendent One Returns from March 21, 2023 to April 11, 2023;

2nd: The Heron’s Court from March 21, 2023 to April 11, 2023;

3rd: Born of Ocean Swell from July 5, 2023 to July 25, 2023;

4th: Sparkling Steps from July 5, 2023 to July 25, 2023.

Genshin Impact Mika Build

Genshin Impact Mika Ascension Materials


  • Wolfhook ×3
  • Shivada Jade Sliver ×1
  • Recruit’s Insignia ×3
  • Mora x 20000


  • Wolfhook ×10
  • Shivada Jade Fragment ×3
  • Recruit’s Insignia ×15
  • Pseudo-Stamens ×2
  • Mora x 40000


  • Wolfhook ×20
  • Shivada Jade Fragment ×6
  • Sergeant’s Insignia ×12
  • Pseudo-Stamens ×4
  • Mora x 60000


  • Wolfhook ×30
  • Shivada Jade Chunk ×3
  • Sergeant’s Insignia ×18
  • Pseudo-Stamens ×8
  • Mora x 80000


  • Wolfhook ×45
  • Shivada Jade Chunk ×6
  • Lieutenant’s Insignia ×12
  • Pseudo-Stamens ×12
  • Mora x 100000


  •  Wolfhook ×60
  • Shivada Jade Gemstone ×6
  • Lieutenant’s Insignia ×24
  • Pseudo-Stamens ×20
  • Mora x 120000

Genshin Impact Mika​ Talents (Skills)

Spear of Favonius - Arrow's Passage

Spear of Favonius - Arrow's Passage

Normal Attack

Normal Attack
Performs up to 5 consecutive strikes using his crossbow and spear.

Charged Attack
Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to lunge forward, dealing damage to opponents along the way.

Plunging Attack
Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Starfrost Swirl

Starfrost Swirl

Elemental Skill

Mika uses his crossbow to attack, granting all nearby characters in your party Soulwind. When characters in the Soulwind state are on the field, their ATK SPD will be increased.

Will take effect in different ways if Tapped or Held.

Fires a Flowfrost Arrow that can pierce through opponents, dealing Cryo DMG to enemies it comes into contact with.

Goes into Aiming Mode, locking on to an opponent and firing a Rimestar Flare at them, dealing Cryo DMG. When the Rimestar Flare hits, it will rise before exploding, launching Rimestar Shards into a maximum of 3 other opponents, dealing Cryo DMG.

Skyfeather Song

Skyfeather Song

Elemental Burst

Derives the ability to spur his teammates on from the recited prayers of the knightly order, regenerating HP for all nearby party members. This healing is based on Mika’s Max HP and will grant them the Eagleplume state.


When the Normal Attacks of active characters affected by Eagleplume hit an opponent, Mika will help them regenerate HP based on his Max HP.

Characters affected by this state can only regenerate HP in this way once per short interval of time.

Suppressive Barrage

Suppressive Barrage

1st Ascension Passive

Per the following circumstances, the Soulwind state caused by Starfrost Swirl will grant characters the Detector effect, increasing their Physical DMG by 10% when they are on the field.

  • If the Flowfrost Arrow hits more than one opponent, each additional opponent hit will generate 1 Detector stack.
  • When a Rimestar Shard hits an opponent, it will generate 1 Detector stack. Each Rimestar Shard can trigger the effect 1 time.

The Soulwind state can have a maximum of 3 Detector stacks, and if Starfrost Swirl is cast again during this duration, the pre-existing Soulwind state and all its Detector stacks will be cleared.

Topographical Mapping

Topographical Mapping

4th Ascension Passive

When an active character affected by both Skyfeather Song’s Eagleplume and Starfrost Swirl’s Soulwind at once scores a CRIT Hit with their attacks, Soulwind will grant them 1 stack of Detector from Suppressive Barrage. During a single instance of Soulwind, 1 Detector stack can be gained in this manner.

Additionally, the maximum number of stacks that can be gained through Soulwind alone is increased by 1.
Requires Suppressive Barrage to be unlocked first.



Utility Passive

Displays the location of nearby resources unique to Mondstadt on the mini-map.

Genshin Impact Mika Constellations from C1 to C6

Factor Confluence

Factor Confluence

Constellation level 1

The Soulwind state of Starfrost Swirl can decrease the healing interval between instances caused by Skyfeather Song’s Eagleplume state. This decrease percentage is equal to the ATK SPD increase provided by Soulwind.

Companion's Ingress

Companion's Ingress

Constellation level 2

When Starfrost Swirl’s Flowfrost Arrow first hits an opponent, or its Rimestar Flare hits an opponent, 1 Detector stack from Passive Talent “Suppressive Barrage” will be generated.

You must have unlocked the Passive Talent “Suppressive Barrage” first.

Secrets of the Night

Reconnaissance Experience

Constellation level 3

Increases the Level of Skyfeather Song by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Sunfrost Encomium

Sunfrost Encomium

Constellation level 4

When Mika’s own Skyfeather Song’s Eagleplume state heals party members, this will restore 3 Energy to Mika. This form of Energy restoration can occur 5 times during the Eagleplume state created by 1 use of Skyfeather Song.

Stream of Consciousness

Signal Arrow

Constellation level 5

Increases the Level of Starfrost Swirl by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Radiant Soulfire

Companion's Counsel

Constellation level 6

Mika’s specialty is in enabling a Physical on-field DPS character through the Superconduct reaction and buffs from equipment and his own kit. An additional Cryo character on the team is advised in order to gain Cryo Resonance.

This gives the team a CRIT Rate bonus when enemies are affected by cryo, ensuring your heaviest hits deal their maximum potential for damage.

Genshin Impact Mika​ Team Combo

Layla is a support character, so she can fit almost any team composition that benefits from a shielding support and a cryo enabler. That being said, she can also be played purely as an enabler.

She’s the kind of character that can do most of the things you want her to, except main DPSing unless, of course, you create a team that centers around only just that.

Just like what’s said above, Layla is super flexible with a lot of characters that can benefit from her Cryo applications such as Klee and Yoimiya for their melt reactions. She can also be a really effective partner for basically any DPS that needs Cryo in their lives for their elemental reactions.

Genshin Impact Mika


Mika will increase Eula’s damage output via Elemental Skill & will restore HP when needed. Can also provide additional DMG via Ocean Hued Clam.


Eula will be the main DPS in this team comp.


Raiden will periodically deal Electro DMG for triggering superconduct.


Zhongli will protect the active character with a shield that can decrease the Elemental & Physical resistance of nearby enemies and will also provide resistance to interruption.

Genshin Impact Mika​ Weapon

Due to Mika’s limited stat focuses and lack of damage, Mika doesn’t have many viable weapon options to choose from. Luckily, all of Mika’s valuable weapons are friendly to free-to-play players!

Favonius Lance

Favonius Lance

Base ATK 565 | Energy Recharge 6.7% (30.6%)


CRIT Hits have a 60~100% chance to generate a small amount of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the character. Can only occur once every 12~6s.

Genshin Impact Polearm - Prototype Starglitter

Prototype Starglitter

Base ATK 510 | Energy Recharge 10.0% (45.9%)

Magic Affinity

After using an Elemental Skill, increases Normal and Charged Attack DMG by 8~16% for 12s. Max 2 stacks.

Black Tassel

Black Tassel

Base ATK 354 | HP 10.2%

Bane of the Soft

Increases DMG against slimes by 40~80%.

Genshin Impact Mika​ Artifact Sets

Mika’s main purpose is to buff and heal the team. As such, focus on utility that Mika can provide through artifacts first. Personal stats are secondary.

Noblesse Oblige​

Noblesse Oblige

  •  2-piece effect: Elemental Burst DMG +20%.
  • 4-piece effect: After using your Burst, team gains 20% ATK for 12 seconds.
The Exile

The Exile

  •  2-piece effect: Energy Recharge +20%.
  • 4-piece effect: Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 2 Energy for all party members (excluding the wearer) every 2s for 6s.
Ocean-Hued Clam

Ocean-Hued Clam

  •  2-piece effect: Healing Bonus +15%.
  • 4-piece effect: Every 3 seconds, deals a set amount of physical damage equal to 90% of damage healed.

Genshin Impact Playable Characters Lists

Genshin Impact Platforms

Right now, Genshin Impact is free to download and play on various platforms including PC, iOS, Android, and PlayStation 4 and 5.

The cross-platform save and play is also supported. 

The Nintendo Switch version is still under development with a tailer video released.

It’s not available for playing on other computer or console platforms, such as Mac, Steam, or Xbox.

Google Play

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