If you want to know the Genshin Impact new characters that were released up to now in 2023, here is the right place.

Update: Since Genshin Impact 4.3 was announced on December 20th, 2023, the newest character is now a 5-star Geo Calymore character – Navia, who is a girl character in the list. 

This is a list of all new, upcoming, and playable characters in Genshin Impact as of December 2023.

You can always count on this ultimate guide on Genshin Impact’s new and upcoming characters. We also list all the characters released in the previous 4.2, 4.1 and 4.0 versions. These new characters are all leaked to players in 2022 and 2023.

If you want to know the release date of all characters, click on this Genshin Impact release date.

Genshin Impact New Characters Released in 2023

There should be dozens of new characters in 2023 if past experience is anything to go by. The developer will drop at least one new banner with a new Genshin Impact five-star character, and possibly new four-star characters included as well during each new update. 

Until now in October 2023, seven major versions were launched – version 3.4, 3.5, 3.7, 3.8, 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2, with 12 new characters open to all players.

Genshin Impact 4.3 New Characters - December 20th, 2023


Voice Actors

EN: Brenna Larsen / CN: Xiaogan (小敢) / JP: Toyosaki Aki (豊崎愛生) / KR: Jeong Hae-eun (정해은)

Genshin Impact 4.2 Upcoming Characters - November 8th, 2023


Voice Actors

EN: Maya Aoki Tuttle/ CN: Ruan Congqing (阮从青) / JP: Waki Azumi (和氣あず未) / KR: Shin On-yu (신온유)


Voice Actors

EN: Ray Chase / CN: Sang Yuze (桑毓泽) / JP: Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷浩史) / KR: Kwak Yoon-sang (곽윤상)

Genshin Impact 4.1 New Characters - September 28th, 2023


Voice Actors

EN: Joe Zieja / CN: Liu Beichen (刘北辰) / JP: Ono Daisuke (小野大輔)/ KR: Kwon Chang-wook (권창욱)

Voice Actors

EN: Ray Chase / CN: Sang Yuze (桑毓泽) / JP: Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷浩史) / KR: Kwak Yoon-sang (곽윤상)

Genshin Impact 4.0 New Characters - August 16th, 2023

Voice Actors

EN: Daman Mills / CN: Jinli (锦鲤) / JP: Shimono Hiro (下野紘) / KR: Park Song-young (박성영)

Voice Actors

EN: Anairis Quiñones/ CN: Kekewei (可可味)/ JP: Sasahara Yu (篠原侑) / KR: Lee Myung-hwa (이명화)

Voice Actors

EN: Paul Castro Jr./ CN: Jinli (锦鲤) / JP: Toki Shunichi (土岐隼一) / KR: Lee Joo-Seung (이주승)

Genshin Impact New Characters - Version 3.7 on May 24th, 2023

Voice Actors

EN: Paul Castro Jr./ CN: Jinli (锦鲤) / JP: Toki Shunichi (土岐隼一) / KR: Lee Joo-Seung (이주승)

Genshin Impact New Characters - Version 3.6 on April 12th, 2023

Voice Actors

EN: Sean Durrie, Changsheng: Xanthe Huynh / CN: Qin Qiege (秦且歌), Changsheng: Wang Xiaotong (王晓彤) / JP: Yusa Koji (遊佐 浩二), Changsheng: Shoji Yui (庄子裕衣) / KR: Lee Hosan (이호산),  Changsheng: Jang Mi (장미)

Voice Actors

EN: Ben Balmaceda / CN: Liu Sanmu (刘三木) / JP: Uchida Yuma (内田 雄馬) / KR: Lee Jung-min (이정민)

Genshin Impact 2.8 New Characters - July 13th, 2022

Shikanoin Heizou is the newest character to arrive in the Genshin Impact 2.8 update on July 13th, 2022. 

Heizou is a four-star Anemo Catalyst user and is an Inazuman detective who works for the Tenryou Commission. He was first mentioned in Kamisato Ayaka’s voice-overs and by his distant elder cousin Kano Nana, and is later mentioned by other characters and in Inazuma’s bulletin boards.

Heizou’s banner –  Leaves in the Wind, ran alongside Kazuha’s Rerun Banner  -, from July 13th to August 2nd, 2022.

A young detective from the Tenryou Commission. Free-spirited and unruly, but cheerful and lively.

At first glance, Heizou seems like an ordinary young man, but he is actually the undisputed number one detective in the Tenryou Commission.

Not only does he possess a wild imagination, but he also has a mind for meticulous logic and reasoning, as well as an extraordinary sense of intuition when it comes to solving cases.

Whenever a crime occurs, his colleagues rely on experience to help them with handling the case, but Heizou brings in an out-of-the-box perspective and gets straight to the crux of the case.

People are impressed by his razor-sharp intuition, thinking that his reasoning ability and efficiency are godlike. Here, Heizou would simply reply with his signature smile: “I don’t know, maybe this is something that even the gods can’t do!”

Voice Actors

EN: Kieran Regan/ JP:  Iguchi Yūichi (井口 祐一) /  CN: Lin Jing (林景) / KR: Jeong-Uijin (정의진)

Genshin Impact 2.7 New Characters - May 31st 2022

Yelan and Kuki Shinobu are the newest characters to arrive in the Genshin Impact 2.7 update on May 31st, 2022. 

Yelan is a five-star Hydro bow user and is the head of the Yanshang Teahouse. While Kuki Shinobu is a four-star Electro user and she is the sidekick of Arataki Itto and Deputy Leader of the Arataki Gang.

Yelan’s banner –  Discerner of Enigmas, ran alongside Xiao’s Rerun Banner  – Invitation to Mundane Life, from May 31 to June 21, 2022.

Kuki Shinobu’s banner – Oni’s Royale ran alongside Arataki Itto’s Rerun Banner from June 22 to July 12, 2022.

Voice Actors

EN: Laura Post / JP:  Aya Endō (遠藤 綾) /  CN: Hui Xu (徐慧) / KR: Jang Min-a (민아)

Voice Actors

EN: Kira Buckland / JP:  Kaori Mizuhashi/  CN: Yang Ning (杨凝) / KR: Kim Yool (김율)

Genshin Impact 2.6 New Characters - March 2022

Kamisato Ayato is the newest character to arrive in the Genshin Impact 2.6 update on March 30, 2022. 

He is a five-star Hydro sword user and is not only Ayaka’s older brother but also the head of the Kamisato Clan and the Yashiro Commissioner.

Ayato’s banner –  Azure Excursion, ran alongside Venti and his little sister – Kamisato Ayaka’s Rerun Banner from March 30 to April 19, 2022.

Voice Actors

EN: Chris Hackney / JP:  Akira Ishida /  CN: Zhaolu (赵路) / KR: Jang Min-hyeok (장민혁)

Genshin Impact 2.5 New Characters - February 2022

Yae Miko first became available for the first phase of Version 2.5 which went live on February 16, 2022! Her banner, Everbloom Violet, ran alongside Raiden Shogun’s and Sangonomiya Kokomi’s Rerun Banner from February 16 to March 8, 2022.

Voice Actors

EN: Ratana / JP: Ayane Sakura (佐倉綾音) / CN: Mingya Du (杜冥鸦)/ KR: Moon Yoo-jeong (문유정)

Genshin Impact 2.4 New Characters - January 2022

Shenhe and Yun Jin are two new characters who first became available for the first phase of Version 2.4 which went live on January 5, 2022. 

Their banner, The Transcendent One Returns,  ran alongside Xiao’s, Zhongli’s, and Ganyu’s Rerun Banner from January 5 to January 25, 2022.

Voice Actors

EN: Chelsea Kwoka /JP: Ayako Kawasumi /CN: Ziyi Qin /KR: Lee Hyun-jin

Voice Actors

EN: Yang Yang / JP: Koiwai Kotori / Yang Yang /CN: Wenxiao He / Yang Yang /EN: Sa Mun-yeong

New Genshin Impact Upcoming Characters in 2.8

Genshin Impact officially reveals only one new character – Shikanoin Heizou, in the upcoming Version 2.8. This announcement was officially confirmed in the Live Stream on Youtube. 

Shikanoin Heizou is expected on July 13th, 2022, if you have followed the official YouTube Live Steam.

Heizou is a 4-star Anemo character who wields catalyst as a weapon and he comes from Inazuma. You’ll find he is the first male catalyst in Genshin Impact.

This makes him a bit more mysterious than other characters.

New Genshin Impact Upcoming Characters in 2.7

Genshin Impact officially reveals two new characters set to join the game during Version 2.7, the Hydro bow user Yelan and Electro ninja Kuki Shinobu.

They’re expected in May 2022, according to the Genshin Impact roadmap. However, until they’re officially announced,  we don’t have a definitive release date. These characters are not final and may be subject to changes.

On March 28, 2022, just two days before the release date of Version 2.7, the official Genshin Impact Twitter account revealed an upcoming female character – Yelan.

She is a new five-star Hydro character. Her weapon and other details are pending. According to the traditional schedule of Genshin Impact updates, the Yelan banner release date could be the first phase of the 2.7 update.

Kuki Shinobu is another new character that is upcoming in the 2.7 update. She was officially revealed as a new Electro character by the official Genshin Impact Twitter account on the same day – March 28, 2022. 

Kuki Shinobu is a female ninja character to be Arataki Itto‘s trusty deputy. She could be close on the horizon. In the same leak as the Yelan release date, Lumie thinks that the Kuki Shinobu banner release date will be in the second half of the 2.7 update, and that she will be a four-star character.

Other New Upcoming Characters to Be Expected

Upcoming Characters That Appear in the Story

There are also a few leaks and some datamined information concerning new characters that may appear in future Genshin Impact updates.

Release Date Character Rarity Element
TBA Baizu TBA Dendro
TBA Scaramouche TBA Pending
TBA Dainsleif TBA Pending

Characters from Official Channels

These characters have been shown in different media such as YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, or MiHoYo’s official website.

Characters Mentioned In-Game

Release Date Character Rarity Element
Upcoming in Version 2.8 Shikanoin Heizou 4-star Anemo
Upcoming in Version 2.7 Yelan 5-star Hydro
TBA Cyno TBA Pending
TBA Lyney TBA Pending
TBA Lynette TBA Pending
TBA Iansan TBA Pending
TBA Pulcinella TBA Pending
Release Date Character Rarity Element
Upcoming in Version 2.7 Kuki Shinobu 4-star Electro
TBA Yaoyao TBA Pending
TBA Varka TBA Pending
TBA Shikanoin Heizou TBA Pending
TBA Skirk TBA Pending
TBA Tsaritsa TBA Pending

Genshin Impact Characters Lists

Characters by Rarity

Characters by Elemetns

Characters by Gender


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