The Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch version is not available right now, until April 2022. Now news on the schedule of the release date of Genshin Impact on Switch. 

The game developer – miHoYo officially posted a trailer of Genshin Impact on Nintendo Switch in Japanese on their YouTube channel two years ago. From the game’s Wikipedia introduction, it seems that there will be a Switch edition for Genshin Impact.  

It’s just the specific release date of Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch is pending. This ultimate guide will check for updates and news on when Genshin Impact is coming on Nintendo Switch, and how to play Genshin Impact on Switch right now.

Nintendo Switch Release Date

Genshin Impact Switch trailer

The Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch version was in the miHoYo’s plan. It comes to this conclusion for two reasons.

One is the Switch trailer from Genshin Impact’s Official YouTube channel, which released the Japanese trailer two years ago. But we don’t why it took so long to develop and release the final version to players. We’ll talk about the delay of the Genshin Impact Switch later.

The other proof is the Genshin Impact Wikipedia added Nintendo Switch in the future release plan of compatible platforms. But the release date of the Switch edition is marked TBA (to be announced). This means the finished playable version of Genshin Impact Switch is not officially announced to the public right now.

When is Genshin Impact coming to Switch?

The game will be released on Nintendo Switch, though no release window has been announced. As of April 2022, no news of the Genshin Impact release date confirmed. But we’ll check the updates on when Genshin Impact comes to Switch, please stay tuned to this blog to receive first-hand news on the release date of Genshin Impact on Switch.

Lastly, a 2020 interview with miHoYo’s head of communications Sam Lai featured the possible release. Here, he mentioned that they are still developing the Switch version of Genshin Impact. In addition, they will later announce more information regarding Switch beta testing and launch dates.

Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch on Wikipedia

Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch Launch Delayed

Why is the Nintendo Switch Release of Genshin Impact taking so long?

The developer – miHoyo has yet to release any statements or possible reasons behind the delays of Genshin Impact’s Nintendo Switch release. 

The company has explained that the Nintendo Switch version of Genshin Impact is ‘in the works. So, it’s expected to launch one day in the near future, but we just don’t know when that day will arrive.

There’s an understandable issue between Genshin Impact and Breath of the Wild, a similar title that exists as something of a flagship game for the Nintendo Switch.

But recently, the Breath of the Wild updates was also delayed for some reason. For us players, it seems normally to be always waiting for the new games or latest updates of the games. If you can’t wait to play Genshin Impact on Switch, another way will be introduced later.

However, many players from various communities suggested some valid explanations.

What’s with the delay behind the Nintendo Switch release?

Considering the size of the game and its update schedule, it’s guessed that hardware limitations could be the major reason causing the delay of release.

Former leaker Genshin Report tweeted that the company delayed the Switch version of the game due to the console’s weaker hardware. 

You may have found that playing Genshin Impact on other platforms like the PC, Mobile, and PS4/PS5 requires a relatively high-performance hardware condition. 

It’s a pity that Nintendo Switch’s processor would not properly run Genshin Impact considering its size and regularly updated content. 

Speaking of Gacha, Genshin Impact revolves around microtransactions. Some leakers have speculated that there might be issues in connecting the game’s purchasable items to Nintendo’s eShop.

Furthermore, miHoYo possibly wants to maintain the cross-save feature to keep Travelers’ progress across all platforms, which was previously unavailable on Nintendo Switch.

With that, the most probable reason behind the relatively long delay is miHoYo wanting to optimize Genshin Impact’s performance first on all platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

If so, it’s worth it for players to wait for the company to develop a perfect version of the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Release Cancelled?

As of April 2022, the company does not update any news on whether or not Genshin Impact’s release on Nintendo Switch has been cancelled. It is assumed that the release has only been delayed, but there is no official news on the project’s current state, except the previous “in the works” comments. 

Considering this game wants to earn the Nintendo Switch fans’ hearts, we can still expect there will be a Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch version in the future. It’s just the exact release date of the Switch version is not confirmed.

How to Play Genshin Impact on Nintendo Switch

The official Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch version has not yet been released, but this does not mean you can’t play the game on the Switch. If you have a modded Switch, you may have a great chance to play this popular game on your Switch.

Here is a YouTube player who plays the game on her Switch.

Please note, that we do not recommend modding your Nintendo Switch if you’re not a professional in this field or just want to play Genshin Impact on this console platform. Unexpected scenarios will happen, just like modding an iPhone or iPad, which features a closed ecosystem that is completely controlled by Apple.

If you do want to play Genshin Impact on Nintendo Switch and confirm that you’re ready to mod your Switch, follow these pros videos. It’s STRONGLY recommended to view the videos and learn 100% of the steps before starting modding a Switch.

How to Mod A Nintendo Switch

How to install Android OS on your modded Switch

Again, think twice before modding your Nintendo Switch to play Genshin Impact on this platform.

How Can I Play Genshin Impact on Other Platforms?

Genshin Impact is now available on cross-platforms including iOS, Android, PC, and PS4/PS5. It’s downloadable as a free-to-play game from the App Store and Google Play. PC players can grab it for free by downloading the game by clicking here.

Along with the release of version 1.5 – Beneath the Light of Jadeite, the company launched the PS4 version for PlayStation players. And you can get the game from the PlayStation store.

App Store

Google Play


If you’re new to the world of Teyvat, we recommend you check out our Genshin Impact all characters list and weapons list to learn more about the games. You may also keep an eye on our Genshin Impact events to help get your wind glider off the ground.

How Can I Play Genshin Impact on Other Platforms?

Although it is not yet available on the Nintendo Switch, the massive world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact is still available for exploration on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, Android, and PC.

It has been said by some that the delay might be due to problems with the integration of Genshin Impact with the Switch’s hardware, while others believe that miHoYo has not prioritized the Switch release. Whatever the case, miHoYo is missing out on a larger fan base, and an enhanced gaming experience for its players.

As of April 2022, there is still no confirmed news about the availability of Genshin Impact on the Nintendo Switch. Even at the E3 event, there is still no news or announcement regarding this matter. Check back again to get more updates!

The Genshin Impact is not available on the Nintendo Switch platform until April 2022.  If you want to download the game on Switch right now, you need to mode the console before installing an Android operating system on the Switch.

No. The company does not confirm the release of Genshin Impact on Nintendo Switch until now, not even mentioning the Switch Lite. 

Supposedly the game will be on Switch Lite in the future as long as the developer will launch the Switch version.