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Is Razor good in Genshin Impact?

Razor is a playable 4-star male Electro Claymore character from Mondstadt Region in Genshin Impact. 

The release date of Genshin Impact Razor was September 28, 2020, in the first version. This ultimate guide introduces everything about Razor: birthday, builds, rating, strengths and weaknesses, voice actors (English and other three languages), how to get Razor, accession materials, talents and skills, constellations (from C1 to C6), the best team combo for Razor, weapons, and artifacts.

Genshin Impact Razor Rating and Basic Info

Razor Character Information


4 Star




September 9th


Lupus Minor
Story Quest Chapter




Wolvendom (Andrius)

Special Dish

Puppy-Paw Hash Brown

Release Date

September 28, 2020, Version 1

Genshin Impact Razor Strengths and Weaknesses



Voice Actors for Razor in Genshin Impact


Todd Haberkorn


Shuai Zhou (周帅)


Kōki Uchiyama (内山昂輝)


Kim Seo-yeong (김서영)

How to Obtain Razor in Genshin Impact​

Razor is a 4-star character that rarely gets rate-ups on the character banner. But that’s the best bet you’ll have if you want him.

Pull from Any Active Banner

Razor is available at a normal rate on all Standard Wish Banners. This means you can get him from Wanderlust Invocation, Epitome Invocation, and the current Character Event Wish.

Bought From the Starglitter Exchange

As a 4-star character, Razor has a chance to appear in the Starglitter Exchange every month. He can be traded for 34 Masterless Starglitter.

Genshin Impact Razor Ascension Materials


Wolfhook ×3

Vajrada Amethyst Sliver ×1

Damaged Mask ×3


Wolfhook ×10

Vajrada Amethyst Fragment ×3

Damaged Mask ×15

Lightning Prism ×2


Wolfhook ×20

Vajrada Amethyst Fragment ×6

Stained Mask ×12

Lightning Prism ×4


Wolfhook ×30

Vajrada Amethyst Chunk ×3

Stained Mask ×18

Lightning Prism ×8


Wolfhook ×45

Vajrada Amethyst Chunk ×6

Ominous Mask ×24

Lightning Prism ×12


Wolfhook ×60

Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone ×6

Ominous Mask ×24

Lightning Prism ×20

Genshin Impact Razor Talents (Skills)

Steel Fang

Steel Fang

Normal Attack

Normal Attack

Perform up to 4 consecutive strikes.

Charged Attack

Drains Stamina over time to perform continuous spinning attacks against all nearby opponents.

At the end of the sequence, perform a more powerful slash.

Plunging Attack

Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Claw and Thunder

Claw and Thunder

Elemental Skill

Hunts his prey using the techniques taught to him by his master and his lupical.


Swings the Thunder Wolf Claw, dealing Electro DMG to opponents in front of Razor.

Upon striking an opponent, Razor will gain an Electro Sigil, which increases his Energy Recharge rate.

Razor can have up to 3 Electro Sigils simultaneously, and gaining a new Electro Sigil refreshes their duration.


Gathers Electro energy to unleash a lightning storm over a small AoE, causing massive Electro DMG, and clears all of Razor’s Electro Sigils.

Each Electro Sigil cleared in this manner will be converted into Energy for Razor.

Lightning Fang

Lightning Fang

Elemental Burst

Summons the Wolf Within, which deals Electro DMG to all nearby opponents. This clears all of Razor’s Electro Sigils, which will be converted into Elemental Energy for him.

The Wolf Within will fight alongside Razor for the skill’s duration.

The Wolf WithinStrikes alongside Razor’s normal attacks, dealing Electro DMG.

Raises Razor’s ATK SPD and Electro RES.

Causes Razor to be immune to DMG inflicted by the Electro-Charged status.

Disables Razor’s Charged Attacks.

Increases Razor’s resistance to interruption.

These effects end when Razor leaves the battlefield.

When Razor leaves the field, a maximum of 10 Energy will be returned to him based off the duration remaining on this skill.



1st Ascension Passive

Decreases Claw and Thunder’s CD by 18%. Using Lightning Fang resets the CD of Claw and Thunder.



4th Ascension Passive

When Razor’s Energy is below 50%, increases Energy Recharge by 30%.



Utility Passive

Decreases sprinting Stamina consumption of your characters in the party by 20%.

Not stackable with Passive Talents that provide the exact same effects.

Genshin Impact Razor Constellations from C0 to C6

Wolf's Instinct

Wolf's Instinct

Constellation level 1

Picking up an Elemental Orb or Particle increases Razor’s DMG by 10% for 8s.



Constellation level 2

Increases CRIT Rate against opponents with less than 30% HP by 10%.

Soul Companion

Soul Companion

Constellation level 3

Increases the Level of Lightning Fang by 3.

Maximum upgrade level is 15.



Constellation level 4

When casting Claw and Thunder (Press), opponents hit will have their DEF decreased by 15% for 7s.

Sharpened Claws

Sharpened Claws

Constellation level 5

ncreases the Level of Claw and Thunder by 3.

Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Lupus Fulguris

Lupus Fulguris

Constellation level 6

Every 10s, Razor’s sword charges up, causing the next Normal Attack to release lightning that deals 100% of Razor’s ATK as Electro DMG.

When Razor is not using Lightning Fang, a lightning strike on an opponent will grant Razor an Electro Sigil for Claw and Thunder.

Genshin Impact Razor Best Team Combo





– Razor will be the on-field DPS for this team comp. Make the most out of his damage by juggling between your supports to constantly apply superconduct and increase his Physical Damage output further.

– Kaeya is the best Cryo partner for Razor since his Burst is on-field, constantly applies Cryo, and lasts for a good amount. His Skill also has a small cooldown and hits multiple enemies in a small area.

– Juggle Fischl between Razor to apply Electro damage to enemies for the Superconduct. However, it’s not advisable to use her skill before Razor’s Burst is used

– Diona is a good healer/support for Razor. She provides shield, healing, and Cryo damage that will benefit the close-ranged Razor

Best Genshin Impact Razor Builds

Razor is in a tight spot regarding his flexibility. The only role he’s suited to is the main DPS which can make him very susceptible to power creep.

Best Weapons for Razor in Genshin Impact

Since Razor will be dishing out lots of damage, you’d want a weapon that can do the same. Here are some of the best weapons for Razor:

Wolf's Gravestone​

Wolf's Gravestone

Increases ATK by 20%. On hit, attacks against opponents with less than 30% HP increase all party members’ ATK by 40% for 12s. Can only occur once every 30s.

Serpent Spine​

Serpent Spine

Every 4s a character is on the field, they will deal 6% more DMG and take 3% more DMG. This effect has a maximum of 5 stacks and will not be reset if the character leaves the field, but will be reduced by 1 stack when the character takes DMG.

Prototype Archaic

Prototype Archaic

On hit, Normal or Charged Attacks have a 50% chance to deal an additional 240% ATK DMG to opponents within a small AoE. Can only occur once every 15s.

Best Artifacts for Razor in Genshin Impact

Similar to above, you’d want artifacts that boost Razor’s attack or have very good synergy with him. Here are some of the few that he can use. Make sure not to mix and match these two. If you’re using one of them, go for the 4-piece effect.

For main stats, look out for ATK Sands, Electro DMG% Goblet, and Crit Rate/Crit Damage Circlet depending on your Crit Rate.

Pale Flame

Pale Flame

  • 2-piece effect: Physical DMG +25%
  • 4-piece effect: When an Elemental Skill hits an opponent, ATK is increased by 9% for 7s. This effect stacks up to 2 times and can be triggered once every 0.3s. Once 2 stacks are reached, the 2-set effect is increased by 100%.
Gladiator's Finale

Gladiator's Finale

  • 2-piece effect: ATK +18%.
  • 4-piece effect: If the wielder of this artifact set uses a Sword, Claymore or Polearm, increases their Normal Attack DMG by 35%.

FAQs about Genshin Impact Razor

In order to get Razor in Genshin Impact, you will have to shell out 34 Masterless Starglitter.

He will only be available until the server refreshes later today. In case you missed out on the opportunity, don’t worry, he is more likely to return at some point in the times to come.

Based on how Diluc and Kaeya looked at 18 in the manga, Razor is probably closer to 16.

Especially since he refers to Barbara as a child and she is assumed to be between 14 to 15 herself. 

The ages of all playable Genshin Impact characters are not confirmed by the developer but are just a guess from their images.

However, the characters’ birthdays are confirmed. Razor was born on September 9th.

No. Razor is actually a 4-star Electro Claymore character in the game. It’s easy to get Razor.

Chances are you’ll be after a five-star character (with a measly pull chance of 0.6 percent), but end up with Razor (who, alongside the other 13 four-stars in the banner, has a pull chance of 2.2 percent).

As a sword-wielding Electro character, Razor performs well in parties that can help cause Genshin Impact elemental reactions – Cryo, Pyro, and Hydro characters help Razor deal massive amounts of damage.

Razor’s damaging attack combos make him the ideal candidate for the central DPS role in any party.

Not really. The rarity to get Razor in Genshin Impact is only 4-star. That means you can not only put it from any active banner but also purchase this character with 34 Masterless Starglitter. 

However, Razor is an extremely rare four-star rated electro-elemental character in Genshin Impact, and he can be quite difficult to unlock.

Though Noelle deals heavy damage and mostly penetrates all elements except itself. – Noelle heals the entire party while Razor doesn’t. – Razor’s DPS is not locked by his elemental burst and it adds more to his overall damage with both his Physical and Electro Damages kicking in against your enemies.

The best weapons for Razor include Wolf’s Gravestone, Serpent Spine, and Prototype Archaic.

They work great to improve Razor’s performance in ATK, DMG, and Normal or Charged Attacks.

Razor scales with physical attack damage, which works well with the superconduct of him and Kaeya since it lowers enemy physical resistance by 40% for 12secs. Keep that in mind as you build both him and your team.

It’s better to improve Razor’s talents of Normal Attack and Elemental Skill first to improve his performance.

So while Kaeya isn’t the best main DPS character, if he’s your only cryo character, you should have a DPS Kaeya build ready to go whenever you need a cryo DPS on your team.

As a physical DPS, Razor is among the best. Use him when you need a heavy hitter, or if you need an electro DPS but you don’t have Keqing.

Klee and Razor know each other and appear to be good friends with each other.

The best team composition for Razor inclues Kaeya, Fischl, and Diona.

Diona is everything Razor wants in one character. She can shield him during his Elemental Burst, giving players the confidence to be aggressive. She can heal Razor when he’s hurt, and she can apply Cryo on enemies to trigger Superconduct.

Kaeya’s Elemental Skill is also one of the best batteries in the game, so Kaeya can easily spam his Elemental Burst, Glacial Waltz.

This is thrilling because Kaeya’s Elemental Burst is an off-field skill, similar to Xiangling. Players can swap Kaeya out after using his Burst and let Razor go berserk with Kaeya’s Glacial Waltz.

Fischl’s supportive abilities are so underrated because of her high DPS. Her Elemental Skill provokes enemies to attack it while her Elemental Burst creates a huge AOE of continuous Cryo application. Fischl’s Elemental Burst can have 100% uptime, so she’s an amazing support to trigger Superconduct.

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