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Is Wriothesley good in Genshin Impact?

Wriothesley is a playable 5-star male Cryo Catalyst character from Fontaine Region in Genshin Impact.

The release date of Genshin Impact Wriothesley was October 17, 2023, in Version 4.1. This ultimate guide introduces everything about Wriothesley: birthday, builds, voice actors (English and other three languages), how to get Wriothesley, ascension materials, talents and skills, constellations (from C1 to C6), the best team combo for Wriothesley, weapons, and artifacts.

Genshin Impact Wriothesley Leaks

Genshin Impact Wriothesley Information


5 Star


Tall male


November 23rd






Fortress of Meropide

Special Dish

Secret Sauce BBQ Ribs

Release Date

October 17th, 2023

Genshin Impact Wriothesley Voice Actor


Joe Zieja


Liu Beichen (刘北辰)


Ono Daisuke (小野大輔)


Kwon Chang-wook (권창욱)

How to Get Wriothesley in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Wriothesley is a new character in 2023 and has been promoted or featured with a drop-rate boost in 1 Event Wish: Tempestuous Destiny from 2023-10-17 to 2023-11-7.

Players can obtain him in the game in the wish events along with other three Genshin Impact characters: Chongyun, Thoma, and Dori.

Genshin Impact Wriothesley Build

Genshin Impact Wriothesley Ascension Materials


  • Shivada Jade Sliver ×1
  • Meshing Gear ×3
  • Subdetection Unit ×3
  • Mora x 20000


  • Shivada Jade Fragment ×3
  • Meshing Gear ×15
  • Subdetection Unit ×10
  • Tourbillon Device ×2
  • Mora x 40000


  • Shivada Jade Fragment ×6
  • Mechanical Spur Gear ×12
  • Subdetection Unit ×20
  • Tourbillon Device ×4
  • Mora x 60000


  • Shivada Jade Chunk ×3
  • Mechanical Spur Gear ×18
  • Subdetection Unit ×30
  • Tourbillon Device ×8
  • Mora x 80000


  • Shivada Jade Chunk ×6
  • Artificed Dynamic Gear ×12
  • Subdetection Unit ×45
  • Tourbillon Device ×12
  • Mora x 100000


  • Shivada Jade Gemstone ×6
  • Artificed Dynamic Gear ×24
  • Subdetection Unit ×60
  • Tourbillon Device ×20
  • Mora x 120000

Genshin Impact Wriothesley​ Talents (Skills)

Forceful Fists of Frost

Forceful Fists of Frost

Normal Attack

Normal Attack
Coalescing frost about his fist, Wriothesley will unleash powerful Repelling Fists, performing up to 5 rapid attacks that deal Cryo DMG.
Apart from this, Normal Attack combo count will not reset for a short time after using Icefang Rush or sprinting.

Charged Attack
Consumes a fixed amount of Stamina to leap and unleash a Vaulting Fist, dealing AoE Cryo DMG.

Plunging Attack
Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE Cryo DMG upon impact.

Icefang Rush

Icefang Rush

Elemental Skill

Adjusting his breathing, rhythm, and pace, Wriothesley sprints forward a short distance, entering the Chilling Penalty state and unleashing more powerful attacks than before.

Chilling Penalty

  • Increases Wriothesley’s interruption resistance
  • When his HP is above 50%, it will enhance the Repelling Fists of Normal Attack: Forceful Fists of Frost and increase its DMG. When such an attack hits, it will consume a fixed amount of Wriothesley’s HP. HP can be lost this way once every 0.1s.

This effect will be canceled should Wriothesley leave the field.

Darkgold Wolfbite

Darkgold Wolfbite

Elemental Burst

Activating his boxing gloves, Wriothesley strikes out with an icy straight, then uses Icicle Impact to cause multiple instances of AoE Cryo DMG in a frontal area.

Arkhe: Ousia
After Icicle Impact ends, a Surging Blade will descend upon the opponent’s position, dealing Ousia-aligned Cryo DMG.

There Shall Be a Plea for Justice

There Shall Be a Plea for Justice

1st Ascension Passive

When Wriothesley’s HP is less than 60%, he will obtain a Gracious Rebuke. The next Charged Attack of his Normal Attack: Forceful Fists of Frost will be enhanced to become Rebuke: Vaulting Fist. It will not consume Stamina, will deal 50% increased DMG, and after hitting will restore HP for Wriothesley equal to 30% of his Max HP.
You can gain a Gracious Rebuke this way once every 5s.

Sweet Slumber Undisturbed

There Shall Be a Reckoning for Sin

4th Ascension Passive

When Wriothesley’s current HP increases or decreases, if he is in the Chilling Penalty state conferred by Icefang Rush, Chilling Penalty will gain one stack of Prosecution Edict. Max 5 stacks. Each stack will increase Wriothesley’s ATK by 6%.

Shadowy Dream-Signs

The Duke's Grace

Utility Passive

When Wriothesley crafts Weapon Ascension Materials, he has a 10% chance to receive double the product.

Genshin Impact Layla Constellations from C1 to C6

Terror for the Evildoers

Terror for the Evildoers

Constellation level 1

The Gracious Rebuke from the Passive Talent “There Shall Be a Plea for Justice” is changed to this:
When Wriothesley’s HP is less than 60% or while he is in the Chilling Penalty state caused by Icefang Rush, when the fifth attack of Repelling Fists hits, it will create a Gracious Rebuke. 1 Gracious Rebuke effect can be obtained every 2.5s.

Additionally, Rebuke: Vaulting Fist will obtain the following enhancement:

  • The DMG Bonus gained will be further increased to 200%.
  • When it hits while Wriothesley is in the Chilling Penalty state, that state’s duration is extended by 4s. 1 such extension can occur per 1 Chilling Penalty duration.

You must first unlock the Passive Talent “There Shall Be a Plea for Justice.”

Shackles for the Arrogant

Shackles for the Arrogant

Constellation level 2

When using Darkgold Wolfbite, each Prosecution Edict stack from the Passive Talent “There Shall Be a Reckoning for Sin” will increase said ability’s DMG dealt by 40%.
You must first unlock the Passive Talent “There Shall Be a Reckoning for Sin.”

Punishment for the Frauds

Punishment for the Frauds

Constellation level 3

Increases the Level of Normal Attack: Forceful Fists of Frost by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Redemption for the Suffering

Redemption for the Suffering

Constellation level 4

The HP restored to Wriothesley through Rebuke: Vaulting Fist will be increased to 50% of his Max HP. You must first unlock the Passive Talent “There Shall Be a Plea for Justice.”
Additionally, when Wriothesley is healed, if the amount of healing overflows, the following effects will occur depending on whether he is on the field or not. If he is on the field, his ATK SPD will be increased by 20% for 4s. If he is off-field, all of your own party members’ ATK SPD will be increased by 10% for 6s. These two methods of increasing ATK SPD cannot stack.

Mercy for the Wronged

Mercy for the Wronged

Constellation level 5

Increases the Level of Darkgold Wolfbite by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Esteem for the Innocent

Esteem for the Innocent

Constellation level 6

The CRIT Rate of Rebuke: Vaulting Fist will be increased by 10%, and its CRIT DMG by 80%. When unleashed, it will also create an additional icicle that deals 100% of Rebuke: Vaulting Fist’s Base DMG as Cryo DMG. DMG dealt this way is regarded as Charged Attack DMG.
You must first unlock the Passive Talent “There Shall Be a Plea for Justice.”

Genshin Impact Wriothesley​ Team Combo

Wriothesley Genshin Impact is fairly limited in his flexibility, but with team member’s help he can make full of his talents to be the main role. Please make sure to check the teammate glossary at the bottom of this guide for a full explanation of possible teammates.

Genshin Impact Wriothesley


Wriothesley works well in Freeze comps and Physical teams.


Shenhe can massively boost the Cryo damage of all Cryo characters on the team. 


Kazuha’s Burst essentially staples an extra Cryo goblet on all your Cryo characters, boosting their damage while also lowering enemy Cryo resistance. 


Diona take the role of shielder and healer in one unit to protect Wriothesley from getting interrupted while keeping him

Genshin Impact Wriothesley​ Weapon

The best weapons for Genshin Impact Wriothesley are straightforward: the most offensive Catalyst possible.

Ideally, this will have lots of CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG as one of its stats. Keep in mind that his best Artifact Set will give up to 36% CRIT Rate, and CRIT Rate doesn’t provide any further benefit after 100%, so it might be better,, depending on your build, to choose a CRIT DMG weapon.

Cashflow Supervision

Cashflow Supervision

Base ATK 674 | HP 49.6%

Golden Blood-Tide

ATK is increased by 16~32%. When current HP increases or decreases, Normal Attack DMG will be increased by 16~32% and Charged Attack DMG will be increased by 14~28% for 4s. Max 3 stacks. This effect can be triggered once every 0.3s. When the wielder has 3 stacks, ATK SPD will be increased by 8~16%.

Tulay­tullah's Remem­brance

Tulay­tullah's Remem­brance

Base ATK 674 | CRIT DMG 44.1% (9.6%)

Bygone Azure Teardrop

Normal Attack SPD is increased by 10~20%. After the wielder unleashes an Elemental Skill, Normal Attack DMG will increase by 4.8~9.6% every second for 14s. After this character hits an opponent with a Normal Attack during this duration, Normal Attack DMG will be increased by 9.6~19.2%. This increase can be triggered once every 0.3s. The maximum Normal Attack DMG increase per single duration of the overall effect is 48~96%. The effect will be removed when the wielder leaves the field, and using the Elemental Skill again will reset all DMG buffs.

A Thousand Floating Dreams

A Thousand Floating Dreams

Base ATK 542 | Elemental Mastery 265 (58)

A Thousand Nights’ Dawnsong

Party members other than the equipping character will provide the equipping character with buffs based on whether their Elemental Type is the same as the latter or not. If their Elemental Types are the same, increase Elemental Mastery by 32~64. If not, increase the equipping character’s DMG Bonus from their Elemental Type by 10~26%. Each of the aforementioned effects can have up to 3 stacks. Additionally, all nearby party members other than the equipping character will have their Elemental Mastery increased by 40~48. Multiple such effects from multiple such weapons can stack.

Flowing Purity

Flowing Purity

Base ATK 565 | ATK 27.6% (6%)

Unfinished Masterpiece

When using an Elemental Skill, All Elemental DMG Bonus will be increased by 8~16% for 15s, and a Bond of Life worth 24% of Max HP will be granted. This effect can be triggered once every 10s. When the Bond Of Life is cleared, every 1,000 HP cleared in the process will provide 2~4% All Elemental DMG Bonus, up to a maximum of 12~24%. This effect lasts 15s.

Genshin Impact Wriothesley​ Artifact Sets

  • Sands – ATK% or ER% (usually ATK%)
  • Goblet – Cryo DMG%
  • Circlet – CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG

There are a few main viable artifact sets for Genshin Impact Wriothesley, but there is really only one all-purpose choice: Marechaussee Hunter, which boosts Normal and Charged Attack DMG while granting 12% CRIT Rate every time their HP changes, up to a total of 36% with a 4pc set.

Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, which buffs Normal and Charged Attack damage at the cost of energy will essentially make his Burst completely unusable, which is especially bad after Constellations. The 4pc Blizzard Strayer set adds 40% CRIT Rate on paper, but really only works when enemies are constantly frozen.

Marechaussee Hunter

Marechaussee Hunter

  •  2-piece effect: Normal and Charged Attack DMG +15%.
  • 4-piece effect: When current HP increases or decreases, CRIT Rate will be increased by 12% for 5s. Max 3 stacks.
Shimenawa's Reminiscence

Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

  •  2-piece effect: ATK +18%.
  • 4-piece effect: When casting an Elemental Skill, if the character has 15 or more Energy, they lose 15 Energy and Normal/Charged/Plunging Attack DMG is increased by 50% for 10s. This effect will not trigger again during that duration.

Genshin Impact Playable Characters Lists

Genshin Impact Platforms

Right now, Genshin Impact is free to download and play on various platforms including PC, iOS, Android, and PlayStation 4 and 5.

The cross-platform save and play is also supported. 

The Nintendo Switch version is still under development with a tailer video released.

It’s not available for playing on other computer or console platforms, such as Mac, Steam, or Xbox.

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