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Is Yae Miko good in Genshin Impact?

Yae Miko (Japanese: 八重神子) is a playable 5-Star female Catalyst and Electro Vision character in Genshin Impact.

Yae Miko is the overseer of the Grand Narukami Shrine in Inazuma and the owner of the Yae Publishing House. The mysterious Shrine Maiden is also the closest friend and servant of Ei, The Raiden Shogun.

The release date of Genshin Impact Yae Miko was February 16, 2022, in version 2.5.

This ultimate guide introduces everything about Yae Miko: birthday, builds, rating, strengths and weaknesses, voice actors (Japanese and other three languages), how to get Yae Miko, ascension materials, talents and skills, constellations (from C1 to C6), the best team combo for Yae Miko, weapons, and artifacts.

Genshin Impact Yae Miko Rating and Basic Info

Genshin Impact Yae Miko Information


5 Star


Tall Female


June 27th


Divina Vulpes

Story Quest Chapter




Grand Narukami Shrine

Yae Publishing House


Special Dish

Fukuuchi Udon

Release Date

February 16, 2022

Yae Miko Strengths and Weaknesses



Voice Actors for Yae Miko in Genshin Impact




Mingya Du (杜冥鸦)


Mingya Du (杜冥鸦)


Moon Yoo-jeong (문유정)

How to Obtain Yae Miko in Genshin Impact​

Genshin Impact Yae Miko is a 5-Star character who made her debut in the Everbloom Violet banner with the launch of Update 2.5. For more details on the update, take a look at our Update 2.5 guide.

Her special banner runs from February 16, 2022 – to March 8, 2022. Every Wish banner in Genshin Impact runs alongside the “Pity” system which guarantees you a 5-star pull after a certain number of rolls so if you don’t get her at first, keep trying! To learn more about Pity, check out our Pity System Guide page.

But with all that said…

Pull From Yae Miko's Banner

There is currently no way to get Yae Miko from active Wish Banners. Yae Miko’s initial banner, Everbloom Violet, was active from February 16, 2022 to March 8, 2022, for the first half of Version 2.5.

Genshin Impact Yae Miko Ascension Materials


Vajrada Amethyst Sliver ×1

Sea Ganoderma ×3

Old Handguard ×3


Vajrada Amethyst Fragment ×3

Sea Ganoderma ×10

Old Handguard ×15

Dragonheir’s False Fin ×2


Vajrada Amethyst Fragment ×6

Sea Ganoderma ×20

Kageuchi Handguard ×12

Dragonheir’s False Fin ×4


Vajrada Amethyst Chunk ×3

Sea Ganoderma ×30

Kageuchi Handguard ×18

Dragonheir’s False Fin ×8


Vajrada Amethyst Chunk ×6

Sea Ganoderma ×45

Famed Handguard ×12

Dragonheir’s False Fin ×12


Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone ×6

Sea Ganoderma ×60

Famed Handguard ×24

Dragonheir’s False Fin ×20

Genshin Impact Yae Miko Talents (Skills)

Because most of her combat revolves around her Sakura Fox Turrets, players should level up her Talents in this order:

Elemental Skill – Yakan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura
Elemental Burst – Great Secret Art: Tenko Kenshin
Normal Attack – Spiritfox Sin-Eater

Spiritfox Sin-Eater

Spiritfox Sin-Eater

Normal Attack

Normal Attack:

Summons forth kitsune spirits, initiating a maximum of 3 attacks that deal Electro DMG.

Charged Attack:

Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to deal AoE Electro DMG after a short casting time.

Plunging Attack:

Plunges towards the ground from mid-air, damaging all opponents in her path with thunderous might. Deals AoE Electro DMG upon impact with the ground.

Yakan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura

Yakan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura

Elemental Skill

To Yae, such dull tasks as can be accomplished by driving spirits out need not be done personally. Moves swiftly, leaving a Sesshou Sakura behind.

Sesshou Sakura:

• Will periodically strike one nearby opponent with lightning, dealing Electro DMG.

• When there are other Sesshou Sakura nearby, their level will increase, thus boosting the DMG dealt by said attacks.

A maximum of 3 Sesshou Sakura can exist simultaneously. The initial highest level each Sakura can reach is 3.

Great Secret Art: Tenko Kenshin

Great Secret Art: Tenko Kenshin

Elemental Burst

The legend of “kitsunetsuki,” or the manifestation of a kitsune’s might, is one of Inazuma’s folktales. Among them, that of the Sky Kitsune is considered special, falling upon the foes of the Grand Narukami Shrine in the form of lightning that plummets down, dealing AoE Electro DMG.

When she uses this skill, Yae Miko will unseal nearby Sesshou Sakura nearby, destroying their outer forms and transforming them into Sky Kitsune Thunderbolts that descends from the skies, dealing AoE Electro DMG. Each Sesshou Sakura destroyed this way will create one descending thunderbolt.

The Shrine’s Sacred Shade

The Shrine’s Sacred Shade

1st Ascension Passive

When casting Great Secret Art: Tenko Kenshin, each Sesshou Sakura destroyed resets the cooldown for 1 charge of Yakan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura.

Enlightened Blessing

Enlightened Blessing

4th Ascension Passive

Every point of Elemental Mastery Yae Miko possesses will increase Sesshou Sakura DMG by 0.15%.

Meditations of a Wild Kitsune

Meditations of a Wild Kitsune

Utility Passive

Has a 25% chance to get 1 regional Character Talent Material (base material excluded) when crafting. The rarity is that of the base material.

Genshin Impact Yae Miko Constellations from C0 to C6

Although Yae Miko is already an S-tier Sub-DPS character, she also has one of the highest Burst costs in the game. So while the Shrine Maiden is already great at C0, her first Constellation cuts her energy cost from 90 to 58.

Her best Constellations to look out for are C1 and C2.

Yakan Offering

Yakan Offering


Each time Great Secret Art: Tenko Kenshin activates a Sky Kitsune Thunderbolt, Yae Miko will restore 8 Elemental Energy for herself.

Fox's Mooncall

Fox's Mooncall


Yakan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura start at Level 2 when created, their max level is increased to 4, and their attack range is increased by 60%.

The Seven Glamours

The Seven Glamours


Increases the Level of Yakan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Sakura Channeling

Sakura Channeling


When Sesshou Sakura thunderbolts hit opponents, the Electro DMG Bonus of all nearby party members is increased by 20% for 5s.

Mischievous Teasing

Mischievous Teasing


Increases the Level of Great Secret Art: Tenko Kenshin by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Forbidden Art: Daisesshou

Forbidden Art: Daisesshou


The Yakan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura‘s attacks will ignore 60% of the opponents’ DEF.

Best Genshin Impact Yae Miko Team Combo

Yae Miko

Raiden Shogun



– As the Main DPS, Yae Miko will constantly be on the field, dealing Electro damage through her attacks. If needed to swap, you can leave her Totems on the field before switching out.

– Raiden Shogun will work well with Yae Miko to continously dish out Electro damage. She can also act a battery with Yae and her Burst provides not only high damage, but will also give Energy for the whole team

– Kokomi’s one of the best Hydro enabler and will work well with Yae Miko. Her on-field Skill will allow either Yae Miko or Raiden Shogun to continously proc Electro-charged

– Sucrose offers additional Elemental Mastery to the team with her Skill. She can also swirl Hydro in the event Kokomi’s skill is cooldown and her Burst can also trap smaller mobs within it.

Best Genshin Impact Yae Miko Builds

For most team builds, Yae Miko will not be on the field for long as her Fox Turrets will be dishing out most of the damage. Players should open up each battle by using her Elemental Skill three times and then using her Elemental Burst for massive damage. This will then reset her Sesshou Sakura, allowing you to use her Elemental Skill again three more times.

After completing the devastating combo, the Electro Catalyst user can be swapped out for another character while her Fox Turrets continue to do damage on the field.

Best Weapons for Yae Miko in Genshin Impact

Yae Miko has a wide range of weapon options here, but due to her unique Fox Turrets consistently dishing out DMG, her focus should be on high CRIT DMG and ATK weapons.

Kagura's Verity

Kagura’s Verity

Gains the Kagura Dance effect when using an Elemental Skill, causing the Elemental Skill DMG of the character wielding this weapon to increase by 12/15/18/21/24% for 12s. Max 3 stacks. This character will gain 12/15/18/21/24% All Elemental DMG Bonus when they possess 3 stacks.

The Widsith R5

The Widsith

When the character takes the field, they will gain a random theme song for 10s. This can only occur once every 30s. Recitative: ATK is increased by 60%/75%/90%/105%/120%. Aria: Increases all Elemental DMG by 8%/60%/72%/84%/96%. Interlude: Elemental Mastery is increased by 240/300/360/420/480.

Lost Prayer to The Sacred Winds

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

Increases Movement SPD by 10%. When in battle, gain an 8% Elemental DMG Bonus every 4s. Max 4 stacks. Lasts until the character falls or leaves combat.

Oathsworn Eye

Oathsworn Eye

Increases Energy Recharge by 24% for 10s after using an Elemental Skill.

Best Free-to-Play/Below AR45 Weapons for Yae Miko

None of the below Adventure Rank 45 weapons offer a massive boost in CRIT DMG, so players in this range will want to build those stats in their Artifacts. Instead, the following weapons will focus on buffing Yae Miko through her Elemental Mastery or fixing her Energy Recharge needs.

Those running a Water and Electro team can leverage Hakushin Ring’s skill which gives a boost to each team member’s ATK after creating an elemental reaction. The Emerald Orb is another great choice for this team setup as it boosts the Shrine Maiden’s Fox Turrets damage by increasing her EM by 20.

Hakushin Ring

Hakushin Ring

After the character equipped with this weapon triggers an Electro elemental reaction, nearby party members of an Elemental Type involved in the elemental reaction receive a 10% Elemental DMG Bonus for their element, lasting 6s. Elemental Bonuses gained in this way cannot be stacked.

Emerald Orb

Emerald Orb

Upon causing a Vaporize, Electro-Charged, Frozen, or a Hydro-infused Swirl reaction, increases ATK by 20% for 12s.

Mappa Mare

Mappa Mare

Triggering an Elemental reaction grants an 8% Elemental DMG Bonus for 10s. Max 2 stacks.

Best Genshin Impact Yae Miko Artifacts

Yae Miko has various Artifact sets she can use as players can build her up around either her Elemental Skill or her Elemental Burst. Those looking for hard-hitting damage should use the Thundering Fury set to buff her Electro DMG, and then pair it off with either 2 Gladiator’s Finale or Shimenawa’s Reminiscence for boosted ATK.

Because the Inazuma character’s Sakura Fox Turrets greatly benefit from Elemental Mastery, another great set is pairing Thundering Fury and Wanderer’s Troupe. Players who do not have a second Electro character like Raiden Shogun to act as a battery can use a 4 piece Emblem of Severed Fate set to boost both Yae Miko’s Energy Recharge and Burst.

The main stats to look out for are ATK / Elemental Mastery / CRIT DMG, although you will need Energy Recharge if you are not playing with a team that has a battery such as Fischl or Raiden Shogun.

Thundering Fury​

Thundering Fury

  • 2-piece effect: Electro DMG Bonus +15%.

  • 4-piece effect: Increases damage caused by Overloaded, Electro-Charged and Superconduct by 40%. Triggering such effects decreases Elemental Skill CD by 1s. Can only occur once every 0.8s.

Gladiator's Finale

Gladiator’s Finale

  •  2-piece effect: ATK +18%.

  • 4-piece effect: If the wielder of this artifact set uses a Sword, Claymore or Polearm, increases their Normal Attack DMG by 35%.

Emblem of Severed Fate

Emblem of Severed Fate

  • 2-piece effect: Energy Recharge +20%.

  • 4-piece effect: Increases Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of Energy Recharge. A maximum of 75% bonus DMG can be obtained in this way.

Wanderer's Troupe

Wanderer's Troupe

  • 2-piece effect: Increases Elemental Mastery by 80.

  • 4-piece effect: Increases Charged Attack DMG by 35% if the character uses a Catalyst or a Bow.

Best Free-to-Play/Below AR45 Artifacts for Yae Miko

Players still early into the game or below Adventure Rank 45 can still pack a punch with Yae Miko. These Artifact sets are also perfect for free-to-play users who are looking to get their most out of the Electro Catalyst user for little cost.

A great build buff the 5-Star character’s Sakura Fox Turrets is pairing the Gambler and Instructor Artifact set. This will give her Elemental Skill a whopping 20% boost as well as substantial damage buff with the 80 Elemental Mastery buff.

For a support build, a 4-piece The Exile will not only give the Shrine Maiden a 20% boost to her Energy Recharge, but her Burst will also generate particles to energize the rest of your teammates.

The Exile

The Exile

  • 2-piece effect: Energy Recharge +20%.

  • 4-piece effect: Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 2 Energy for all party members (excluding the wearer) every 2s for 6s. This effect cannot stack.



  • 2-piece effect: Increases Elemental Skill DMG by 20%.

  • 4-piece effect: Defeating an enemy has a 100% chance to remove Elemental Skill CD. Can only occur once every 15s.



  • 2-piece effect: Increases Elemental Mastery by 80.

  • 4-piece effect: Upon triggering an Elemental Reaction, increases all party members’ Elemental Mastery by 120 for 8s.

Brave Heart

Brave Heart

  • 2-piece effect: ATK +18%.

  • 4-piece effect: Increases DMG by 30% against enemies with more than 50% HP.

FAQs about Genshin Impact Yae Miko

Yae Miko, also known as Yae Guuji, is the newest playable character in Genshin Impact added in Version 2.5 When The Sakura Bloom.

Yae Miko is an important character in the story of Inazuma and has already appeared several times in-game before her release.

The age of Yae Miko is not obviously stated in the game. But it’s stated that Miko is an “old friend” of Morax, Ei, and Baal. The Genshin Impact Yae Miko’s age is not as young as other characters.

Yae Miko’s birthday is on June 27th. 

Yes, absolutely. While she can also support her team in the game, Yae Miko is a brilliant DPS character thanks to the huge amount of damage she and her totems deal.

As a newly released character in Genshin Impact, Yae Miko has too many hurdles that stop her from being a must-have character.

Those who absolutely need a Sub-DPS slot filled and are able to overcome her Energy needs won’t regret Miko. In fact, she can be one of the most powerful characters in the game if built right and paired with the right team.

The two share the surname Yae (Japanese: 八重). Both are miko-associated with foxes. Yae Sakura is of Japanese origin, while Inazuma is Japanese-themed.

They are both voiced by Du Mingya in Chinese and Ayane Sakura in Japanese.

To reach the top level of Yae Miko, you’ll need 1 Vajrada Amethyst Sliver, 9 Vajrada Amethyst Fragments, 9 Vajrada Amethyst Chunks, 6 Vajrada Amethyst Gemstones, 18 Old Handguard, 30 Kageuchi Handguard, 36 Famed Handguard, 46 Dragonheir’s False Fin and 168 Sea Ganoderma to get Yae Miko Ascended to Lv 80/90.

She can work with any character that relies on their Bursts for damage.

Not only that, but Raiden also buffs everyone’s Elemental Burst’s damage, including herself. Raiden and Miko can be a strong rotation with Miko taking more field time.

Yes, Yae Miko is a powerful off-field Electro Catalyst user.

She has many viable builds and weapons. The best option is the 5-Star weaponKagura’s Verity.