Genshin Impact is currently not available on the Xbox. 

Since it was released in 2020, Genshin Impact has become one of the most popular free-to-play games. As an open-world RPG game, it is available on multiple platforms, including PC, mobile, and PlayStation. 

However, the Genshin Impact Xbox edition is not available right now in 2022. Why not? There might be several reasons for this result. 

There is also no new updated information regarding the release date of the Genshin Impact Xbox edition. Even though there are plenty of rumors floating around that Genshin Impact will soon launch on Xbox.

Follow this ultimate guide to learn about when Genshin Impact will be available on Xbox and find out all the platforms that are compatible with Genshin Impact, whether it’s available on Mac or Steam, or Epic Games, and other news here.

About Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an ongoing open-world RPG. It’s free to download and play on all available platforms.

Players assume control of the Traveler, an otherworldly human who gets separated from their sibling after they arrive in the world of Teyvat.

Amassing a group of friends, the Traveler roams across the different nations of Teyvat in search of their sibling, harnessing the power of the elements to take down nefarious figures along the way.

Since Genshin Impact was released on September 28, 2020, it has gained a lot of traction due to its massive cast of playable characters and an intriguing story. 

The game went on to become one of the highest-grossing mobile games of 2021, having amassed $3 billion worldwide. If you’ve been looking to see what all the hype is about, it’s available on several platforms.

But is it available on any Xbox systems?

Is Genshin Impact Xbox Available in 2022?

Sadly, no. The Genshin Impact is not yet available on Xbox till 2022. 

As per a report by IGN Japan in 2020, the miHoyo spokesman behind Genshin Impact stated that they have no plans yet to launch a Genshin Impact Xbox Edition shortly. 

That report happened when the company announced the Nintendo Switch version back in 2020. But the Switch version is still not available right now in May 2022 when this post finishes. 

We can hope they launch a Switch version soon, but not the same case for an Xbox edition in 2022. 

Why Genshin Impact Xbox Is Not Launched Yet?

Maybe there’s some sort of PlayStation console exclusivity

You may have known that Genshin Impact is playable on PlayStation.

Anytime a game comes to a PlayStation console and completely skips out on Xbox, most gamers in the know wonder if there was some kind of exclusivity arrangement behind the scenes. 

It could be in this case that Sony got miHoYo signed on for console exclusivity — at least for a certain period of time.

Such a situation would explain why we don’t have Genshin Impact for Xbox, and why the Nintendo Switch version of the game — which was indeed announced — still has yet to surface even though Genshin Impact launched in September 2020 and has since come to PlayStation 5.

Or perhaps miHoYo thinks the audience isn’t there

Another possible reason for the absence of Genshin Impact for Xbox could be due to developer miHoYo simply believing the audiences don’t line up. 

Why port a very Japanese open world RPG to Xbox if you don’t think it’ll catch on the same way it would on a PlayStation or even a Switch? Maybe as the Xbox brand builds more cred in Japan, miHoYo will decide the platform is finally worthy of receiving its game. 

If you’re among the Genshin Impact target audience and exactly like to play the game, other playable platforms are available for choice – PC, PlayStation, or Mobile.

Or expect the Genshin Impact Xbox Edition to be launched soon in the upcoming year.

Will the Genshin Impact Xbox Edition be Available and When?

Sadly, there are no hints or official statements about the release of Genshin Impact Xbox Edition. 

The developer, miHoYo, launched the game, promising to increase its availability by launching it across multiple gaming platforms. But as per the latest news, they have no plans to launch the game on Xbox anytime soon. 

The latest console that the developer adds to the game’s playable platforms list is PlayStation 5. If you have this console, you may download it for free to play. 

However, for someone who just cannot track down a PlayStation 5, you may be a little disappointed Genshin Impact isn’t available on a machine you have: the Xbox. 

It is available for iOS, Android, and Windows, though, so I suppose you could always play it there. 

Are you someone who’d love to see Genshin Impact Xbox Edition comes soon? If so, don’t just keep that feeling to yourself: make some noise online! Maybe you’ll get lucky and miHoYo will heed your wish and make all of your dreams come true.

Genshin Impact Xbox Edition News

Since Genshin Impact can be played on phones and PS5 in September 2021, technical constraints aren’t the reason for its absence on Xbox stages.

In any case, Genshin Impact may ultimately come to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, given the stage’s success rates.

However, besides the report by IGN Japan about the statement made by a miHoYo spokesperson on the developer’s plans for Genshin Impact moving forward –  with no plans for Xbox in their Genshin Impact roadmap

The spokesperson didn’t mention what consoles Genshin Impact will find its way onto, but they did specifically mention the one it won’t be making its way to the Xbox.

There wasn’t any reasoning given, but the spokesperson explicitly said, “We currently don’t have any plans for an Xbox version of the game.”

It is already available on Microsoft Windows, so an eventual move to the Xbox doesn’t seem totally far-fetched. For now, Xbox fans will just have to play the waiting game and hope MiHoYo has an eventual change of plans.

For everyone else, Genshin Impact is currently available and free to play on PlayStation 5 and 4, PC, Android, and iOS.

It’s quite normal that no update news on Genshin Impact Xbox Edition. 

The developer focuses on the normal update for new characters and weapons at a regular pace – every six weeks. 

The Nintendo Switch trailer has been announced for two years, but no trial or official version for now. 

Suppose the developer should finish the Switch version first, then the chance to get a Genshin Impact Xbox edition will be increased at that time.

Genshin Impact Xbox Edition Rumors

No rumors are floating around about Genshin Impact being launched on Xbox anytime soon. It is pretty unclear why miHoYo has not launched it yet on Xbox despite performing great in Asian markets. 

There is no official date or confirmation from the developers regarding Genshin Impact being launched on Xbox.

Still, with gaming expo season arriving, it might be an excellent opportunity for the company to vent into a newer platform.

What Platforms You can Play Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has gained massive popularity worldwide, since its release across multiple platforms where you can try the game: PC, Mobile (Android and iOS), and PlayStation.

On these platforms, Genshin Impact is totally free to download and free to play.

Play Genshin Impact on PC-Windows

PC is one platform that Genshin Impact has been available since its first launch on September 28, 2020. 

Genshin Impact players can download it on their computer or laptop through the game’s official launcher, the miHoYo official website. 

When you are done downloading it, the launcher will install the game and future updates. Another option is to download the game using Epic Games Launcher. 

Make sure your computer or laptop meets or exceeds the system requirements that the Genshin Impact PC edition asks for.

Play Genshin Impact on Mobile - Android and iOS

Mobile might be the easiest platform where you can download and play Genshin Impact.

Downloading the Genshin Impact on your smartphone is pretty simple. Android users can download it from Google Playstore.

Samsung Galaxy users can do so from the Galaxy Store. And, iOS users can download the game from the Apple AppStore.

Play Genshin Impact on PlayStation - PS4 and PS5

Genshin Impact is available for PlayStation Console including PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. PlayStation is the only console that is compatible with Genshin Impact. 

Downloading and playing the Genshin Impact on PlayStation is pretty straightforward, just as any games on this platform.

To download Genshin Impact on PlayStation, you need to use the search option and type the name. And then, add the game to the library and download all the related files.

Keep in mind, make sure there is at least 30GB storage in your PlayStation 4 or 5.

On What Platforms Genshin Impact Is Not Available?

As you know that Genshin Impact is only available on Mobile, PC, and PlayStation, it’s easily assumed that other platforms – Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mac, and Steam, are not supported to play this game. 

Genshin Impact is Not Available On Xbox

The release date of Genshin Impact Xbox edition is pending and not officially announced. It’s only mentioned about the Xbox platform by the statement from a miHoYo spokesman in 2020. 

“We currently don’t have any plans for an Xbox version of the game.”

Even guessed reasons might explain why the developer has no plans for Genshin Impact on Xbox, you should not expect an Xbox edition in 2022 or even in upcoming years.

The Switch version and Mac version are not yet confirmed.

Genshin Impact is Not Available on Nintendo Switch

Since it was announced and the first trailer released in 2020, there are no hints on the official launch of Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch edition. 

Up to now in 2022, the developer has no updated news on the development. The probable reason is guessed due to compatibility between Switch and other platforms. But the company did not even make any clarification on this. 

If the Switch edition is not yet confirmed, it’s assumed other versions – Xbox, Mac, or Steam should be not launched before this platform.

Is Genshin Impact available on Mac?

No, the developer does not announce a Mac version for Genshin Impact is available right now. You can easily know this from the game’s official website, no downloading link or platform for the Genshin Impact Mac edition.

However, this does not mean you can’t play Genshin Impact on Mac. It’s just that you still need Windows running to make everything work.

Is Genshin Impact Available on Steam?

Sadly, no. Steam is another platform that Genshin Impact does not support right now.

There have been no announcements about the game coming to Steam console either, so it looks like the above option is going to be the only way to play the game on PC for a while.

You can still add Genshin Impact to your Steam library by using the ‘add a non-Steam game’ option.

FAQs on Genshin Impact Xbox Edition

No. You can not play Genshin Impact on your Xbox One as it has not been launched on Xbox yet.

However, you can play it on your phone, PC, or PlayStation if you want. 

With that, we have now come to an end to our guide on Genshin Impact Xbox Edition. We hope it aids you in finding the answers you were looking for. Stay connected with us to get the latest update on Genshin Impact Xbox Edition.

Genshin Impact is not currently playable on any Xbox systems.

According to a 2020 IGN Japan interview reported by ScreenRant, Genshin developer Mihoyo had no plans for an Xbox version for the foreseeable future.

Two years later, there are still seemingly no plans for the game to make it onto Xbox any time soon.

Since the free-to-play action RPG launched in September 2020, Genshin Impact has generated over $3 billion for its developer/publisher, miHoYo, which is based in Shanghai, China.

The game on other playable platforms like PC, Mobile, and PlayStation is totally free to download and play. Supposed it will be launched to be free on Xbox.

PlayStation is the ONLY console that Genshin Impact is on. 

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed and published by video game company miHoYo.

It was released for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, iOS, and Android in 2020, and on Playstation 5 in 2021. The game is also set for release on Nintendo Switch, even not yet confirmed for the official version.

No. Because the Genshin Impact Xbox Edition is not available right now.

However, Genshin Impact is cross-platform compatible. This means that you can play the game with your friends who are using different platforms like the PC, Mobile, and PlayStation.

Genshin Impact supports a variety of controllers on PC, Android, and iOS. In fact, it supports various controller brands, including PS4 and Xbox controllers.

If you have iOS 14 or higher, Genshin Impact will now support: Xbox Wireless Controller (Bluetooth Version) Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller.

PS4 and Xbox Controllers can be used natively in the PC version of Genshin Impact. This lets you play this adventure as smoothly as possible while keeping important controls within easy reach.