Genshin Impact Pyro

Pyro is one of the seven Genshin Impact Elements. It comes with Fire vision.

The associated Archon of this element is Murata, whose domain is Natlan.

Genshin Impact Pyro Elemental Resonance

If there are two Pyro characters in the same team, the Elemental Resonance of two-Electro elements appears.

Fervent Flames: Affected by Cryo for 40% less time. Increases ATK by 25%.

Genshin Impact Pyro Elemental Reactions

Pyro is the only element that reacts with every other element in the game.

Pyro has the following Elemental Reactions with the other six Genshin Impact Elements: Electro, Hydro, Cryo, Dendro, Anemo, and Geo.

Genshin Impact Cryo


Deals ×2 Pyro DMG when a Pyro attack triggers the reaction.

Genshin Impact Hydro


Deals ×1.5 Pyro DMG when a Pyro attack triggers the reaction.

Genshin Impact Electro


Deals AoE Pyro DMG and causes an explosion.

Genshin Impact Anemo


 Deals AoE Pyro DMG while spreading the Pyro status to nearby enemies.

Genshin Impact Geo


Creates a Pyro shield.

Genshin Impact Dendro


Deals Pyro DMG over time. The grass is considered a Dendro object and will spread the burn effect around the area.

Genshin Impact Pyro has a different status, characters, and enemies.

Genshin Impact Pyro Status

Being affected by Pyro has no inherent effects on its own. However, being affected by Pyro will allow Pyro Elemental Reactions to occur.

Any source of Pyro DMG will apply for the Pyro status. Flaming Flowers and Pyro Boom Blossoms do not inherently apply Pyro, but are often surrounded by grass and will inflict Burning damage. Any lit torch, campfire, or cooking pot will cause Burning damage if the active character comes too close to them.

Pyro Status to Self of Genshin Impact characters

The following Talents apply the Pyro status to its user and/or the active character. 

Elemental Burst
Fantastic Voyage

Bennett performs a jumping attack that deals with Pyro DMG, creating an Inspiration Field.

Inspiration Field

  • If the health of a character within the AoE is equal to or falls below 70%, their health will continuously regenerate. The amount of HP restored scales off Bennett’s Max HP.
  • If the health of a character within the AoE is higher than 70%, they gain an ATK Bonus that is based on Bennett’s Base ATK.
  • Imbues characters within the AoE with Pyro.
Elemental Skill
Blazing Blessing

Thoma vaults forward with his polearm and delivers a flame-filled flying kick that deals AoE Pyro DMG, while also summoning a defensive Blazing Barrier.

At the moment of casting, Thoma’s Elemental Skill applies Pyro to himself.

The DMG Absorption of the Blazing Barrier scales off Thoma’s Max HP.

The Blazing Barrier has the following traits:

  • Absorbs Pyro DMG 250% more effectively.
  • When a new Blazing Barrier is obtained, the remaining DMG Absorption of an existing Blazing Barrier will stack and its duration will be refreshed.

The maximum DMG Absorption of the Blazing Barrier will not exceed a certain percentage of Thoma’s Max HP.

Elemental Skill
Sweeping Fervor

Xinyan brandishes her instrument, dealing Pyro DMG on nearby opponents, forming a shield made out of her audience’s passion.

The shield’s DMG Absorption scales are based on Xinyan’s DEF and on the number of opponents hit.

  • Hitting 0 – 1 opponent grants Shield Level 1: AdLib.
  • Hitting 2 opponents grants Shield Level 2: Lead-In.
  • Hitting 3 or more opponents grants Shield Level 3: Rave, which will also deal intermittent Pyro DMG to nearby opponents.

The shield has the following special properties:

  • When unleashed, it infuses Xinyan with Pyro.
  • It has 250% DMG Absorption effectiveness against Pyro DMG.

Genshin Impact Pyro Characters

Playable Characters

Right now, there are 10 playable Genshin Impact characters that have the Cryo element and vision. This element can not be obtained by Traveller but only selected characters can have this element. 



Upcoming Characters

No upcoming Characters will have the Pyro Element at this time.

Genshin Impact Pyro Elemental Enemies

Some Enemies are capable of generating a Pyro shield or constructs, providing them with significant offensive or defensive abilities. The shields and constructs that are breakable are often best broken with Hydro applications.

Common Enemies

  • Fatui Skirmisher – Pyroslinger Bracer
  • Hilichurl Berserker
  • Hilichurl Grenadier
  • Kairagi: Fiery Might
  • Large Pyro Slime
  • Nobushi: Hitsukeban
  • Pyro Hilichurl Shooter
  • Pyro Slime
  • Pyro Specter
  • Pyro Whopperflower
  • Treasure Hoarders: Pyro Potioneer

Elite Enemies

  • Abyss Lector: Fathomless Flames
  • Blazing Axe Mitachurl
  • Fatui Pyro Agent
  • Geovishap
  • Pyro Abyss Mage
  • Ruin Hunter

Normal Bosses

  • Primo Geovishap
  • Pyro Hypostasis
  • Pyro Regisvine

Event Bosses

  • Black Shadow: Hayate no Gokotu
  • Revived Primo Geovishap

Weekly Bosses

  • Azhdaha
  • La Signora

Other Enemies

  • Canine Bunshin
  • Ochimusha: Cankered Flame
  • Shadowy Husk: Standard Bearer
  • Treasure Hoarders – Liuliu
  • Treasure Hoarders – Raptor

FAQs on Genshin Impact Pyro Element

Genshin Impact’s Pyro element represents the iconic fire element, and the characters that use it are some of the most powerful in the game. Genshin Impact offers players seven different elements to experiment and play around with.

Even beyond just Pyro characters, Bennett is commonly known as one of the strongest characters in Genshin Impact, despite being just a 4-star character. Bennett is a Pyro sword-wielder from Mondstadt Region who serves as a ridiculously powerful support character.

The second main thing is that out of all the elements needed for solving the open-world puzzles, Pyro is the one you need the most.

So if you don’t have a Pyro character in your main lineup, you constantly need to swap out one of your main guys in order to solve a simple puzzle and collect a reward.

See all the latest news on Genshin Impact here! There are currently 10 Pyro characters in Genshin Impact.

The seven nations in the game inlcude:

  • Mondstadt.
  • Liyue.
  • Inazuma.
  • Sumeru.
  • Fontaine.
  • Natlan.
  • Snezhnaya.

Right now, most Genshin Impact characters come from the first three regions, with only Tartaglia is located in Snezhnaya

Crepus had two regrets in life. One was never becoming a knight, and the other was never obtaining a Vision.

For this reason, in the moment that Diluc received his Vision, he took it as a recognition by the gods of his and his father’s shared ambition — finally, he could make his father proud.

Pyro, Hydro, Anemo, Electro, Dendro, Cryo and Geo are all the elemental visions in Genshin Impact.

It is believed that Visions are given to people who are acknowledged by the Gods. Those who possess one have a chance to ascend to Celestia. Each Vision grants the ability to use elemental skills.

Both characters use the Crimson Witch artifact set as their best-in-slot gear as their focus is dealing Pyro damage.

Still, Diluc wins this one narrowly since the Crimson Witch set was more or less made for him. He’s the only five-star character who can maximize the effects of the Crimson Witch’s four-piece bonus.


Xiangling is the best Sub-DPS Pyro character in Genshin Impact. As a Sub-DPS, she shines when working alongside a compatible Main DPS, boosting their damage. She does this with both her Guoba Attack Skill and Pyronado Burst.

It is also worth noting that some fires can get extinguished – in such cases, you need a character that has the Pyro element to light a fire again. All you need to do is use your Pyro skills close to a campfire and you’ll light it.

Generally speaking, however, pyro (fire) is considered the most offensive and most powerful element, for a few reasons: Pyro resonance, or having at least two pyro characters in a full party of four, increases all characters’ attack by 25%. That’s a lot, and by far the most offensive resonance type.