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Is Sucrose good in Genshin Impact?

Sucrose is a playable 4-star female Anemo Catalyst character in Genshin Impact. 

The release date of Genshin Impact Sucrose was September 28, 2020, in the first version. This ultimate guide introduces everything about Sucrose: birthday, builds, rating, strengths and weaknesses, voice actors (English and other three languages), how to get Sucrose, ascension materials, talents and skills, constellations (from C1 to C6), the best team combo for Sucrose, weapons, and artifacts.

Genshin Impact Sucrose Rating and Basic Info

Genshin Impact Sucrose Information


4 Star




November 26th






Knights of Favonius

Special Dish

Nutritious Meal (V.593)

Release Date

September 28, 2020, Version 1

Sucrose Strengths and Weaknesses



Voice Actors for Sucrose in Genshin Impact


Valeria Rodriguez


Xiaogan (小敢)


Akane Fujita (藤田茜)


Kim Ha-yeong (김하영)

How to Obtain Sucrose in Genshin Impact​

Sucrose is a 4-star character that gets a decent amount of rate-ups in the character banners.

Pull from Any Active Banner

Sucrose is available at a normal rate on all Standard Wish Banners. This means you can get her from Wanderlust Invocation, Epitome Invocation, and the current Character Event Wish.

Bought From the Starglitter Exchange

As a 4-star character, Sucrose has a chance to appear in the Starglitter Exchange every month for 34 Masterless Starglitter. As of now, Sucrose hasn’t appeared yet in this shop.

Genshin Impact Sucrose Ascension Materials


Windwheel Aster ×3

Vayuda Turquoise Sliver ×1

Whopperflower Nectar ×3


Windwheel Aster ×10

Vayuda Turquoise Fragment ×3

Hurricane Seed ×2

Whopperflower Nectar ×15


Windwheel Aster ×20

Vayuda Turquoise Fragment ×6

Hurricane Seed ×4

Shimmering Nectar ×12


Windwheel Aster ×30

Vayuda Turquoise Chunk ×3

Hurricane Seed ×8

Shimmering Nectar ×18


Windwheel Aster ×45

Vayuda Turquoise Chunk ×6

Hurricane Seed ×12

Energy Nectar ×12


Windwheel Aster ×60

Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone ×6

Hurricane Seed ×20

Energy Nectar ×24

Genshin Impact Sucrose Talents (Skills)

Wind Spirit Creation

Wind Spirit Creation

Normal Attack

Normal Attack

Performs up to 4 attacks using Wind Spirits, dealing Anemo DMG.

Charged Attack

Consumes a certain amount of Stamina and deals AoE Anemo DMG after a short casting time.

Plunging Attack

Calling upon the power of her Wind Spirits, Sucrose plunges towards the ground from mid-air, damaging all opponents in her path. Deals AoE Anemo DMG upon impact with the ground.

Astable Anemohypostasis Creation - 6308

Astable Anemohypostasis Creation - 6308

Elemental Skill

Creates a small Wind Spirit that pulls opponents and objects towards its location, launches opponents within its AoE, and deals Anemo DMG.

Forbidden Creation - Isomer 75 / Type II

Forbidden Creation - Isomer 75 / Type II

Elemental Burst

Sucrose hurls an unstable concoction that creates a Large Wind Spirit.

While it persists, the Large Wind Spirit will continuously pull in surrounding opponents and objects, launch nearby opponents, and deal Anemo DMG.

Elemental Absorption

If the Wind Spirit comes into contact with Hydro/Pyro/Cryo/Electro energy, it will deal additional elemental DMG of that type.

Elemental Absorption may only occur once per use.

Catalyst Conversion

Catalyst Conversion

1st Ascension Passive

When Sucrose triggers a Swirl effect, all characters in the party with the matching element (excluding Sucrose) have their Elemental Mastery increased by 50 for 8s.

Mollis Favonius

Mollis Favonius

4th Ascension Passive

When Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308 or Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II hits an opponent, increases all party members’ (excluding Sucrose) Elemental Mastery based on 20% of Sucrose’s Elemental Mastery for 8s.

Astable Invention

Astable Invention

Utility Passive

When Sucrose crafts Character and Weapon Enhancement Materials, she has a 10% chance to obtain double the product.

Genshin Impact Sucrose Constellations from C0 to C6

Clustered Vacuum Field

Clustered Vacuum Field


Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308 gains 1 additional charge.

Beth: Unbound Form

Beth: Unbound Form


The duration of Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II is increased by 2s.

Flawless Alchemistress

Flawless Alchemistress


Increases the Level of Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308 by 3.

Maximum upgrade level is 15.




Every 7 Normal and Charged Attacks, Sucrose will reduce the CD of Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308 by 1-7s.

Caution: Standard Flask

Caution: Standard Flask


Increases the Level of Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II by 3.

Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Chaotic Entropy

Chaotic Entropy


If Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II triggers an Elemental Absorption, all party members gain a 20% Elemental DMG Bonus for the corresponding absorbed element during its duration.

Best Genshin Impact Sucrose Team Comp





– Sucrose will gather the enemies enabling Diluc and Xingqiu to easily combo.

– Sucrose will also increase the vaporize DMG that the DPS and Reaction character bring.

– Bennett gives Pyro resonance with Diluc and will also provide healing and cleansing.

– Xingqiu will spread Hydro enabling bigger numbers when using a Pyro DPS.

Best Genshin Impact Sucrose Builds

Earlier, we’ve established the fact that you’d want to build Sucrose with full elemental mastery in mind. However, we didn’t discuss why you shouldn’t upgrade any of her talents. This is due to those talents mainly scaling off of ATK and not Elemental Mastery. That being said, the things important for Sucrose are elemental mastery and her level, as character level is included in the damage formula for transformative reaction damage.

Best Genshin Impact Sucrose Weapons

Sucrose has quite a bit of weapon choices. But here are the ones that really matter. Sacrificial Fragments and Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers are both really good options for a supportive build.

Magic Guide is a great weapon for the taser comp we were talking about. This team composition takes advantage of Sucrose’s great ability to raise elemental mastery as most of the damage from this composition is from elemental reactions.

The team composition also uses Fischl/Raiden and Xingqiu, which as you can see, makes Magic Guide the perfect weapon for the job.

Sacrificial Fragments

Sacrificial Fragments

After dealing damage to an opponent with an Elemental Skill, the skill has a 40% chance to end its own CD. Can only occur once every 30s.

Magic Guide

Magic Guide

Increases DMG against opponents affected by Hydro or Electro by 12%.

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

When switching characters, the new character taking the field has their ATK increased by 24% for 10s. This effect can only occur once every 20s.

Best Genshin Impact Sucrose Artifacts

There’s only one artifact meant for Sucrose, the Viridescent Venerer. For main stats, like mentioned above, go for full Elemental Mastery on Sands, Goblet, and Circlet.

Viridescent Venerer

Viridescent Venerer

  • 2-piece effect: Anemo DMG Bonus +15%
  • 4-piece effect: Increases Swirl DMG by 60%. Decreases opponent’s Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl by 40% for 10s.

FAQs about Genshin Impact Barbara

Sucrose is a girl.

In her personal life, she is an anxious young girl who has very limited hobbies. Due to her own social anxiety, she has also given herself a rather strange reputation around Mondstadt.

There is a lot to learn about Sucrose and the interesting way she lives her life.

The age Sucrose is not obviously stated in the game. Her birthday is on November 26th. 

Sucrose is pretty much completely smitten with the work of Albedo. She sees him as a great teacher and an excellent alchemist.

Albedo is one of the only male characters that Sucrose associates herself with, which is something the two have in common, as neither is heavily involved with others.

The best team comp for Sucrose includes Diluc, Xingqiu, and Bennett.

Both Bennett and Sucrose are the key to the typical YouTube thumbnails, and this is completely understandable.

Bennett is an amazing attack buffer, while Sucrose offers an Elemental Resistance reduction and Elemental Mastery boost. With these characters, players can easily reach hundreds of thousands of damage.

Sucrose is the best support for Diluc. The Vigilant Yaksha is one of the best DPS in the game, but he has a massive Energy issue.

Not only is his Elemental Skill insufficient to battery himself, but it also doesn’t generate Energy if used when his Elemental Burst is active.

Despite being a support character, Xingqiu can also deal decent damage on his Elemental Burst. He doesn’t need Sucrose’s Crowd Control, but he greatly benefits from Elemental Resistance reduction. Players can get this effect by equipping Sucrose with 4-Viridescent Venerer. This artifact set will reduce the enemy’s Elemental Resistance when Sucrose triggers a Swirl reaction.

There’s only one artifact set that’s best for Sucrose – the Viridescent Venerer set with Anemo synergy. Not only will it increase your Anemo DMG by 15%, it’ll also increase Swirl DMG and reduce enemies’ RES.

The best weapons for Sucrose are the Sacrificial Fragments or the Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers.

The Sacrificial Fragments will give Sucrose a chance to get multiple uses of her Elemental Skill, which can boost her damage output and Swirls by a ton.