Catalysts are one of the five weapon types that characters can use in Genshin Impact.

Due to their elemental nature, all Normal and Charged Attacks performed with a Catalyst are considered elemental damage. The element of the damage depends on the wielder’s Vision. A Catalyst user is commonly called a caster, because of how they “cast” an element onto an enemy.

Pyro Catalyst users in particular deal increased damage against Geo objects, such as Geo Shields and ores, due to their attacks being considered Blunt Attacks.

This is the ultimate guide for Genshin Impact Catalysts. You’ll find bow attacks, characters, and tier list of this weapon. If you want to increase the attacks for Bow, there are artifacts available for boost. 

Moreover, we cover the Catalysts’ rarity (5-star to 1 star), base ATK, secondary stat, and weapon skill for all catalysts in this Genshin Impact Catalyst guide.

Genshin Impact Catalysts Normal Attacks

A Catalyst user’s Normal Attack can be a single-target or AoE attack, depending on the character. Every attack applies the attacker’s element to the target. For example, Lisa emits an Electro charge and Klee throws a Pyro bomb.

Catalyst Normal Attacks can be projectile-based or non-projectile-based. Projectile-based Normal Attacks fire projectiles of various forms that home towards their targets, while non-projectile-based Normal Attacks will hit the target near instantaneously at range.

The maximum range of Catalyst Normal Attacks varies greatly between characters. Most Catalyst users utilize 3-hit or 4-hit Normal Attack chains, except Ningguang with a 1-hit chain.

Genshin Impact Catalysts Charged Attacks

Most Catalyst users’ Charged Attacks typically consume a certain amount of stamina, before unleashing a more powerful AoE attack centered around the target after a short delay.

For example, Klee fires a large bomb and Sucrose blows a powerful gust of wind. However, Ningguang’s Charged Attacks deal damage to a single target.

By default, Catalyst Charged Attacks cost 50 stamina each.

Genshin Impact Catalysts Characters

Right now, there are 9 playable characters who use a Catalyst as the Weapon in Genshin Impact.

Shikanoin Heizou

Genshin Impact Catalysts Tier List from 5-Star to 1-Star

There are 26 Catalyst weapons in Genshin Impact. They are ranked by rarity from 5-star to 1-star. We make the bow tier lists by rarity. You can check each category for a quick view.

5-star Catalysts List

Memory of Dust

Memory of Dust

  • Base ATK: 46 (608)
  • 2nd Stat: ATK 10.8% (49.6%)

Golden Majesty

Increases Shield Strength by 20~40%. Scoring hits on opponents increases ATK by 4~8% for 8s.

Max 5 stacks. Can only occur once every 0.3s. While protected by a shield, this ATK increase effect is increased by 100%.

Everlasting Moonglow​

Everlasting Moonglow

  • Base ATK: 46 (608)
  • 2nd Stat: HP 10.8% (49.6%)

Byakuya Kougetsu

Healing Bonus increased by 10~20%, Normal Attack DMG is increased by 1~3.0% of the Max HP of the character equipping this weapon.

For 12s after using an Elemental Burst, Normal Attacks that hit opponents will restore 0.6 Energy. Energy can be restored this way once every 0.1s.

Skyward Atlas​

Skyward Atlas

  • Base ATK: 48 (674)
  • 2d Stat: ATK 7.2% (33.1%)

Wandering Clouds

Increases Elemental DMG Bonus by 12~24%. Normal Attack hits have a 50% chance to earn the favor of the clouds. which actively seek out nearby opponents to attack for 15s, dealing 160~320% ATK DMG. Can only occur once every 30s.

Kagura's Verity

Kagura's Verity

  • Base ATK: 46 (608)
  • 2nd Stat: CRIT DMG 14.4% (66.2%)

Kagura Dance of the Sacred Sakura

Gains the Kagura Dance effect when using an Elemental Skill, causing the Elemental Skill DMG of the character wielding this weapon to increase by 12~24% for 16s. Max 3 stacks. This character will gain 12~24% All Elemental DMG Bonus when they possess 3 stacks.

Lost Prayer to The Sacred Winds

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

  • Base ATK: 46 (608)
  • 2nd Stat: CRIT Rate 7.2% (33.1%)

Boundless Blessing

Increases Movement SPD by 10%. When in battle, gain an 8~16% Elemental DMG Bonus every 4s. Max 4 stacks. Lasts until the character falls or leaves combat.

4-Star Catalysts List

Genshin Impact Catalyst -Blackcliff Agate

Blackcliff Agate

  • Base ATK: 42 (510)
  • 2nd Stat: CRIT DMG 12% (55.1%)

Press the Advantage

After defeating an opponent, ATK is increased by 12~24% for 30s. This effect has a maximum of 3 stacks, and the duration of each stack is independent of the others.

The Widsith R5

The Widsith

  • Base ATK: 42 (510)
  • 2nd Stat: CRIT DMG 12% (55.1%)

When a character takes the field, they will gain a random theme song for 10s. This can only occur once every 30s.

Recitative: ATK is increased by 60~120%.

Aria: Increases all Elemental DMG by 48~96%.

Interlude: Elemental Mastery is increased by 240~480.

Solar Pearl

Solar Pearl

  • Base ATK: 42 (510)
  • 2nd Stat: CRIT Rate 6% (27.6%)

Solar Shine

Normal Attack hits increase Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG by 20~40% for 6s. Likewise, Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst hits increase Normal Attack DMG by 20~40% for 6s.

Prototype Amber

Prototype Amber

  • Base ATK: 42 (510)
  • 2nd Stat: HP 9% (41.3%)


Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 4~6 Energy every 2s for 6s. All party members will regenerate 4~6% HP every 2s for this duration.

Genshin Impact Catalyst - Royal Grimoire

Royal Grimoire

  • Base ATK: 44 (565)
  • 2nd Stat: ATK 6% (27.6%)


Upon dealing damage to an opponent, increases CRIT Rate by 8~16%. Max 5 stacks. A CRIT hit removes all existing stacks.

Sacrificial Fragments

Sacrificial Fragments

  • Base ATK: 41 (454)
  • 2nd Stat: Elemental Mastery 48 (221)


After dealing damage to an opponent with an Elemental Skill, the skill has a 40~80% chance to end its own CD. Can only occur once every 30~16s.

Oathsworn Eye

Oathsworn Eye

  • Base ATK: 44 (565)
  • 2nd Stat: ATK 6% (27.6%)

People of the Faltering Light

Increases Energy Recharge by 24~48% for 10s after using an Elemental Skill.

Genshin Impact Catalyst - Wine and Song

Wine and Song

  • Base ATK: 44 (565)
  • 2nd Stat: Energy Recharge 6.7% (30.6%)


Hitting an opponent with a Normal Attack decreases the Stamina consumption of Sprint or Alternate sprint by 14~22% for 5s.

Additionally, using a Sprint or Alternate Sprint ability increases ATK by 20~40% for 5s.

Mappa Mare

Mappa Mare

  • Base ATK: 44 (565)
  • 2nd Stat: Elemental Mastery 24 (110)

Infusion Scroll

Triggering an Elemental reaction grants an 8~16% Elemental DMG Bonus for 10s. Max 2 stacks.

Hakushin Ring

Hakushin Ring

  • Base ATK: 44 (565)
  • 2nd Stat: Energy Recharge 6.7% (30.6%)

Sakura Saiguu

After the character equipped with this weapon triggers an Electro elemental reaction, nearby party members of an Elemental Type involved in the elemental reaction receive a 10~20% Elemental DMG Bonus for their element, lasting 6s. Elemental Bonuses gained in this way cannot be stacked.

Genshin Impact Catalyst - Frostbearer


  • Base ATK: 42 (510)
  • 2nd Stat: ATK 9% (41.3%)

Frost Burial

Hitting an opponent with Normal and Charged Attacks has a 60~100% chance of forming and dropping an Everfrost Icicle above them, dealing 80~140% AoE ATK DMG.

Opponents affected by Cryo are dealt 200~360% ATK DMG instead by the icicle. Can only occur once every 10s.

Favonius Codex

Favonius Codex

  • Base ATK: 42 (510)
  • 2nd Stat: Energy Recharge 10.0% (45.9%)


CRIT hits have a 60~100% chance to generate a small number of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the character. Can only occur once every 12~6s.

Eye of Perception

Eye of Perception

  • Base ATK: 41 (454)
  • 2nd Stat: ATK 12% (55.1%)


Normal and Charged Attacks have a 50% chance to fire a Bolt of Perception, dealing 240~360% ATK as DMG.

This bolt can bounce between opponents a maximum of 4 times. This effect can occur once every 12~8s.

Dodoco Tales

Dodoco Tales

  • Base ATK: 41 (454)
  • 2nd Stat: ATK 12% (55.1%)


Normal Attack hits on opponents increase Charged Attack DMG by 16~32% for 6s. Charged Attack hits on opponents increase ATK by 8~16% for 6s.

Genshin Impact 3-Star Catalysts List

Magic Guide

Magic Guide

  • Base ATK: 38 (354)
  • 2nd Stat: Elemental Mastery 41 (187)

Bane of Storm and Tide

Increases DMG against opponents affected by Hydro or Electro by 12~24%.

Genshin Impact Catalyst - Otherworldly Story

Otherworldly Story

  • Base ATK: 39 (401)
  • 2nd Stat: Energy Recharge 8.5% (39.0%)

Energy Shower

Each Elemental Orb or Particle collected restores 1~2% HP.

Emerald Orb

Emerald Orb

  • Base ATK: 40 (448)
  • 2nd Stat: Elemental Mastery 20 (94)


Upon causing a Vaporize, Electro-Charged, Frozen, or a Hydro-infused Swirl reaction, increases ATK by 20~40% for 12s.

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

  • Base ATK: 39 (401)
  • 2nd Stat: HP 7.7% (35.2%)


When switching characters, the new character taking the field has their ATK increased by 24~48% for 10s. This effect can only occur once every 20s.

Genshin Impact Catalyst Twin Nephrite

Twin Nephrite

  • Base ATK: 40 (448)
  • 2nd Stat: CRIT Rate 3.4% (15.6%)

Guerilla Tactic

Defeating an opponent increases Movement SPD and ATK by 12~20% for 15s.

Genshin Impact 2- and 1-star Catalysts

Genshin Impact Catalyst - Pocket Grimoire

Pocket Grimoire

  • Base ATK: 33 (Unreachable)

  • 2nd Stat: None


Genshin Impact Catalyst - Apprentice's Notes

Apprentice's Notes

  • Base ATK: 23(Unreachable)
  • 2nd Stat: None


Best Artifacts for Genshin Impact Catalysts

The following are 2 artifact sets that benefit bows.

Genshin Impact Artifacts - Scholar


Rarity: 3-4 Star

  • 2 Piece: Energy Recharge +20%
  • 4 Piece: Gaining Elemental Particles or Orbs gives 3 Energy to all party members who have a bow or a catalyst-equipped. Can only occur once every 3s.
Wanderer's Troupe

Wanderer's Troupe

Rarity: 4-5 Star

  • 2 Piece: Increases Elemental Mastery by 80.
  • 4 Piece: Increases Charged Attack DMG by 35% if the character uses a Catalyst

FAQs on Genshin Impact Catalysts

Catalyst characters in Genshin Impact are those who can only deal Elemental damage. This makes them an excellent candidate for Elemental reactions in battle, although there are some conditional downsides.

For example, Klee won’t be able to kill Pyro Slimes because they are immune to Pyro.

Catalysts are also one of two ranged weapons in the game, allowing you to damage enemies at a farther distance compared to other melee weapons.

Some Catalysts in the game are naturally better than others, especially the high-rarity Catalysts in the game.

Mappa Mare is the 4th best catalyst in Genshin Impact.

This catalyst deals up to 44 base attack damage stands the 4th highest catalyst damage currently. The passive of Mappa Mare is triggering an elemental reaction granting an elemental damage bonus for 10s, max 2 stacks.

Catalyst users tend to be great options for players looking for good Support or a Sub-DPS unit in Genshin Impact, and the release of the new Electro 5-Star Catalyst Yae Miko has only made this group of characters stronger.

Catalyst attacks cannot deal with Physical DMG due to innate elemental infusion for all basic and Charged Attacks, as well as Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts.

As far as weapons go for Klee, Lost Prayer to the Sacred Wings is by far her best option.

The five-star Catalyst gives her more movement speed — great for dodging attacks as she is quite vulnerable — and she also gains an Elemental DMG bonus the longer she remains in combat.

Memory of Dust

Memory of Dust is perfect for Ningguang if you have it.

It’s one of the strongest catalysts, with a base attack of 46, and its secondary stat boosts attack even further, up to 49% at the highest tier.

Genshin Impact All Playable Characters List


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